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Eichler, Edwards Race Remains Unsettled

Kelly Eichler and John Edwards
Kelly Eichler and John Edwards

The Under the Dome blog notes that all ballots have been counted in the House District 38 race between Democrat John Edwards and Republican Kelly Eichler, with Edwards claiming a slim lead of 74 votes.

Meanwhile, the Tolbert Report has chatted with folks in the Eichler camp and says it’s likely headed for a recount. Eichler tells an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporter same in a story in the morning paper.

I’ll note that when Arkansas Project readers voted on this race in a highly scientific online poll on Monday, Eichler commanded a solid 57 percent of the vote. That leads me to one conclusion: Obviously, there has been some serious vote fraud committed in this race, because there’s no way that online poll could have been wrong. Crafty Democrats! You just have to watch them every second!

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