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Ed Rollins to Keynote Pulaski GOP Dinner, Sept. 24

If you’re a Republican political junkie, you might want to sit down right about now, because I’ve got news that will just knock you on your ass, should you unwisely remain standing after I gave you fair warning: Famed political strategist Ed Rollins will be the keynote speaker at the Pulaski County Republican Committee’s 2009 Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner on Sept. 24.

The event will be at the Maumelle Country Club, and tickets are $75 a pop. (I’ve requested more info on whom you’re supposed to contact to get tickets and will insert it here when I get it.)

Rollins was the engineer of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 landslide victory, then he did a bunch of other stuff, and then he was campaign chairman for Mike Huckabee’s presidential bid a couple of years ago during the brief and weird period when we were all like, “Holy crap,  did he just win Iowa? I think he just won Iowa.” Remember that? O, what a time that was.

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9 thoughts on “Ed Rollins to Keynote Pulaski GOP Dinner, Sept. 24

  • Bill from Sheridan

    We should go and hit the bar for 2 hours before the event. It’ll be just like that Sanford dinner last year.

  • AKA Bryce

    I didn’t know “Disco” served drinks that early.

  • Baba O'Rielly

    Bill, are you a “stoner”?

  • Bill from Sheridan

    I’m just trying to be a father figure for Dave. His mother keeps after me to help make him a man.

  • Baba, I don’t think I’d call Bill a “stoner,” just because he smokes a little weed now and then. He told me he needed that stash for his glaucoma. But now that I think about it, that doesn’t make much sense. I mean, he doesn’t even wear glasses.

  • Well at the level of confusion we seem to be at the state level, maybe it a guy like this needs to be listened to by state Party leadership. We have how many now running for Senate? No one for Governor, the same for the congressional seats. Meanwhile they keep recruiting more people to run against Blanche. All I ever hear out there is Tom Cotton, Tom Cotton. Ok get him on board and lets move forward. Then maybe Coleman or Conrad can go for one of the Congressional Seats or the the Governor’s Race. Tom Cox, he can run for Arkansas Tea Party Czar against Laurie Masterson. It would be a real good battle.

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