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Doane Go There!

Paul Doane
Paul Doane

When the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System is losing hundreds of millions of dollars in value, it’s probably not the best time for the director of said system, Paul Doane, to be spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on travel around the country, including to his other homes in Massachusetts and New Mexico, as the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports. Is this one we can all agree on?

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2 thoughts on “Doane Go There!

  • If this director is going to be this way, then we need to get rid of him. Sounds like Bill Shirron all over again.

  • Matt Sutphin

    When one wants to find fault, one will. And generaly timing is everything. A market running up no doubt would have tamed at least some critics.
    Sitting at home while others run expense accounts certainly has its emotional charge. I suspect Mr. Doane, in his Oppenheimer days, expensed out a good deal more. Give him a little slack while you review whether he has held on to more dough than other pension guys in these bear days. I’m sure he will live within a newly established post Manhattan expense budget.
    Matt Sutphin


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