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David Sanders to Announce for House Race in District 31

Former Arkansas News Bureau columnist David Sanders, a veteran of Arkansas politics and media, will announce his campaign for District 23 31 in the state House of Representatives at noon Wednesday at the Arkansas Capitol. (Sanders began flirting with the notion of running a few weeks ago, as noted by The Arkansas Times, when the U.S. Senate candidate he’d signed up to work with withdrew from the race citing health concerns.)

The conservative Sanders will run as a Republican, of course, setting him up for a primary challenge against John Parke, who’s already announced his intention to the seek the seat. Three Democrats have also said they’ll vie for the seat, which is being vacated by GOP Rep. Dan Greenberg.

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14 thoughts on “David Sanders to Announce for House Race in District 31

  • Bubba in Gurdon

    I am having trouble understanding what you are talking about without any pictures.

  • thatoneguy

    It’s District 31, not 23.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Kinkade, you should show more ambition than the horrid scottish race from whence you came and run for governor.

  • DumbArkie

    Rex, please don’t put any ideas in that boy’s head! I’ll give you three good reasons why he shouldn’t.

    1. Bagpipes on the east steps every morning.
    2. Kilts in the Capitol Building (although they might be good for a lewinski).
    3. And you know at State dinners the cheap bastard will just pour lousy-no-good Kentucky ‘shine in empty bottles of Glenlevit.

    So for the good of anyone within earshot of the Capitol, all the interns, and our fine Ozark ‘shine producers, please Rex, tell him you were just kiddin’.

  • I’m going to have to object to the recent trend of you guys piling on me here in the comments section, because it turns out I am incredibly thin-skinned and can dish it out but can’t take it. Henceforth, please limit your ridicule to any of the following people and topics:

    1) Blake Rutherford
    2) Robbie Wills
    3) John Brummett
    4) Blanche Lincoln
    5) All GOP candidates in the 2010 Senate primary
    6) Dan Greenberg and Jeremy Hutchinson
    7) David Sanders’ wardrobe

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Jason Tolbert

    I am highly offended that I was left off that list. In fact, I would appreciate it if people started dishing on me here instead of my own blog.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Okay, Bubba. Kinkade I’m kidding, there is no way on earth that you can ever overcome the genetic filth that fills your DNA. No Scotsman can put down the bottle long enough to formulate a plan, much less have ambition.

    And Jason Tolbert is a terrible person that smells like a green persimmon.

  • Jason Tolbert

    FRR – Thank you. That is all I really wanted to hear.

  • DumbArkie

    Recent trend???

  • 1) Blake Rutherford-I watched the Toxic Avenger over the weekend. The pictures all makes sense now.

    2) Robbie Wills-wishes he had hair like David Sanders

    3) John Brummett-His moustache will kick your ass.

    4) Blanche Lincoln- <3's Jim Holt

    5) All GOP candidates in the 2010 Senate primary-see above

    6) Dan Greenberg and Jeremy Hutchinson-Shane Broadway wannabe's

    7) David Sanders’ wardrobe-is like Bruce Wayne's Batman suit.

  • Barbara

    Sanders looks late to this party, and rather desperate.

    But not as desperate as some.

    Where can you find good persimmons? Kincade? Tolbert? Anyone? Bueler?

  • carol

    Jason, love: though I am your senior, I must correct your use of dish (to chat, gossip, etc.) when what you meant to say was dis (as in, to disrespect). So: I be dissing you fo not being down with wit de vocabulary…!
    (I bes be careful, case sumbody ‘cuse me of usin’ a dialec)


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