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Dan Greenberg Is Everywhere!

Exhibit A: Dan Greenberg, in a chair, thinking.
Exhibit A: Dan Greenberg, in a chair, thinking — for which he is presumably being paid.

Advance Arkansas Institute’s very own Dan Greenberg has a new piece out about the perils of Medicaid expansion — and it’s almost as good as mine. The piece was featured in the latest edition of Talk Business. Here’s a teaser:

Indeed, there is very little evidence generally that expanding Medicaid will improve the health of the uninsured: the evidence calls into question whether broad coverage expansions improve health at all. When Oregon randomly picked 10,000 new Medicaid enrollees a few years ago, it tracked the results and compared them with the unenrolled population. The result: although the enrollees consumed more services, actual medical outcomes barely changed at all. Two-thirds of reported self-improvement in health came after enrollment, but before receiving health care. These facts should teach policymakers not to confuse spending inputs with health outcomes. Ultimately, what government has created for many low-income Medicaid clients is a trap.

And you better believe there’s more where that came from! You’ll want to check out the full article because this guy is smart — I mean really smart. He’s so smart, he gets paid to just sit in a chair and think all day. (See Exhibit A.)

Also, long before I am awake on Wednesday morning, Mr. Greenberg will be on the air with Rex Nelson and Blake Eddins discussing this very topic of Medicaid expansion. So if you happen to suffer from insomnia and read this post before then, tune in bright and early at 6:10 a.m. on Fresh Talk 96.5 FM in central Arkansas. I need someone to take notes for me.

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