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Crawford Mulls GOP Challenge to Berry

Word is that Jonesboro businessman Rick Crawford is weighing a Republican challenge to Democratic Rep. Marion Berry in 2010. Crawford confirms that he’s planning to form a campaign exploratory committee this week.

Crawford’s name will be well known in farm circles in Arkansas’ First District for his work in agricultural broadcasting through the AgWatch Network (more on the network here) and his farm reports are featured on radio affiliates statewide. One to watch.

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10 thoughts on “Crawford Mulls GOP Challenge to Berry

  • Soy Beans

    Think its an uphill battle, but folks in Northeast do know Crawford… could be interesting.

  • Yes, but how many Buckeye Newshawk Awards has he won for his hog reports?


  • I hear that BR549 put Crawford up to running. It seems BR is looking to make some commissions on TV ads for Marion’s reelection campaign.

  • David Kinkade

    Bill, I don’t think you and Br549 are on a first-name basis, so that’s “Mr. 549” to you.

  • I was dodging chinamen’s bullets in Korea when BR’s Daddy was shitty yellow. I doubt he’ll mind me calling him by his first name, son.

  • Here’s Ricks bio (

    So, among other things, he’s been everything from a farm reporter to a rodeo cowboy to an Army Explosive Ordinance Disposal technician.

    What is an Army Explosive Ordinance Disposal technician?

    I nominate this man for Chuck Norris Approval.

  • Now Bill, you know you were cooking in the mess hall for my daddy when he was out on the sniper team….lets not distort history here too.

  • BR549,

    Was your Daddy in the Korean Conflict?
    I just assumed because of your youth that he was a baby boomer.

  • Anyone running against Berry has my support. Berry refuses to respond to any e-mails, except via “canned” responses. I sent 2 e-mails, different subjects, and received the exact same reply! After writing back about his “replies” and requesting a response to my original comments, I’ve heard nothing. I have written him off as disinterested in those constituents who don’t agree with him.

  • Hey H1961,
    I thought you had posted my response. Ditto on 2 canned responses and nothing on my 3rd e-mail that blasted his total blind eye to his constituents. I supported Berry since he came on board. I am DONE……………. CRAWFORD for Congress!


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