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Over at the Arkansas Times blog, Max Brantley is bent out of shape because, he complains, Republicans may have mocked “community organizers”—which is almost as stupid a job description as “Arkansas political blogger”— in convention speeches.

It wasnt the first time wed noticed the resemblance between Dave and the Monopoly Guy.
It wasn't the first time we'd noticed the resemblance between Dave and the Monopoly Guy.

Max claims that this betrays a contempt for “honest toil” because Republicans only care about wealth, or some such hooey. That is, of course, a ridiculous assertion based upon a completely fictional view of the GOP.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go check my bond portfolio while I twirl my mustache and polish my monocle.

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7 thoughts on “Community Chest

  • Even Obama thinks “organizing” is a lost cause.

    Per TNR, “Obama told Kellman, he had decided to leave community organizing and go to law school. Kellman, who was already thinking of leaving organizing himself, found no reason to argue with him. “Organizing,” Kellman tells me, as we sit in a Chicago restaurant down the street from the Catholic church where he now works as a lay minister, “is always a lost cause.” Obama, circa late 1987, might or might not have put it quite that strongly. But he had clearly developed serious doubts about the career he was pursuing.”

    I wish they would spare us all the feined outrage over some imagined slight of the “poor community organizers” who grow up to be big time elitist snob presidential candidates.

    At the link.

  • David Kinkade

    Great find on the New Republic article. Thanks.

  • Dave’s great grandfather built this company with one leaky old slave ship and simple motto, “People selling people to people”.

  • Community organizers are idealized by libs, like Max the Tax Brantley, because they have no concept of creating wealth and despise those who sacrifice and risk in that pursuit. How the economic pie grows is inexplicable in their world without elites allocating resources. Yet, it has and does.

    Bill from Sheridan simply expouses or suffers from the white guilt syndrome. Accordingly, Bill must fear that Obama, half white and half black, is eternally at war with himself.

  • David Kinkade

    Watch what you say — I don’t want you to get on the wrong side of Big Community Organization. They’re a powerful lobby.

  • Jeff Smithpeters

    One summer I tried community organizing for an SEIU local in Baton Rouge way back when. I was to be paid $14,000 a year to go from school to school, house to house trying to talk janitorial and food service workers into joining our union and agreeing to attend our meetings.

    I couldn’t hack it. The 12-hour days, the rejection, the traffic. I took out another student loan and took a couple summer courses. Those who COULD do it win my admiration, since truly custodial workers and kitchen workers do the most thankless jobs. They wear themselves out at early ages and end up living on the pittance of a disability check (if they can get one).

    I don’t think the winning strategy for Republicans is to defend those like Palin and Guiliani who attack organizers. After all, it was organizers who helped get out the vote in their own attempts at political success. It smacks of unthinking disdain for the working class, for unions and for idealists in general.

    But of course I hope in their campaign this year the Republicans spend as much time as possible attacking community organizers, the working classes, the middle class. For now the rhetoric matches how Republicans actually govern. So I say keep at it. And you GOP bloggers can keep defending those who attack them.

    When you do so, you’re only proving the points Dems make about you.

    And Dave, I think I used to know you in college. I’m glad to see you are doing well.

  • Jeff should have tried starting a business from scratch. Having an idea, believing in it, testing it, saving/raising money for it, fighting and/or complying with government regulations to enter a market. Risking everything on entering the market only to meet gale force headwinds in the form of established competition and more government regulatory barriers to success. Ever see a hero? Find an entrepreneur and talk to him/her about it.

    I have disdain for community organizers who hide behind the do-gooder label while futhering their agenda of remaking the world in the collectivist, redistributionist, government-control-of the-economy model that has proven to be a spectaular failure everywhere it’s been implemented.


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