Come hear Radley Balko in Little Rock!

Please join us Wednesday, March 11, to hear a talk from Radley Balko of The Washington Post, brought to you by the Advance Arkansas Institute.RadleyBalko-02-01
When: 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 11, 2015. Admission begins 30 minutes prior (6:00 p.m.).
Where: Darragh Center Auditorium, Main Library, Central Arkansas Library System, 100 Rock Street, Little Rock.
Come hear a talk by Radley Balko on the increasing militarization of our police forces. There’s no charge to attend, but (just so we have a head count) we’d be grateful if you’d register here. We look forward to seeing you!
Balko, the author of Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces (2013), is an opinion blogger at the Washington Post, where he writes the popular blog on civil liberties and the criminal justice system, The Watch. Balko’s work on paramilitary raids and the overuse of SWAT teams was featured in the New York Times, has been praised by outlets ranging from Human Events to the Daily Kos, and was cited by Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer in his dissent in the case Hudson v. Michigan.
Balko is also credited with bringing national attention to the case of Cory Maye, a black man who prior to Balko’s work was on death row in Mississippi for shooting and killing a white police officer during a raid on Maye’s home. (Maye is a free man today.) Balko’s Reason feature on Maye was also cited in an opinion by the Mississippi State Supreme Court.
Balko was formerly a policy analyst with the Cato Institute. He has been a columnist for, a senior editor at Reason, and has been published in the Wall Street JournalPlayboyTime, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles TimesSlateForbesESPN, the National Post, Worth and numerous other publications. Balko has also appeared on the BBC, CNN, CNBC, Fox News Channel, MSNBC and NPR.
(Much of Balko’s biographical information above is taken directly from his biographical website.)

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One thought on “Come hear Radley Balko in Little Rock!

  • March 7, 2015 at 3:55 pm

    No thanks. I don’t think I need to hear another bleeding heart critisize Civil Servents doing a thankless job, while having to look over their shoulder for some muck raker with an iPhone. I personally think the SWAT team should toss a hand grenade in first, then breach the door. These speakers should investigate the punks that feel it is their duty to first fight law inforcement because it’s macho and then complain loudly when thumped.


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