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Checking In On Arkansas Taxes: Yep, Still High!

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Because it’s been some time since we checked in on the heavy tax burden on Arkansans…hey, look at this! The Tax Foundation, whose work I flack mercilessly on this site, has issued their latest map showing the distribution of sales tax rates nationwide, broken down by zip code.

Arkansas shows up rather red, reflecting higher sales tax rates around the state. This isn’t anything you don’t already know—you’ll recall that just a few months back we saw that the Natural State has the 7th highest combined state and local sales tax rates in the nation. Seventh in the nation!

Keep that in mind as we move toward the 2012 legislative fiscal session, where lawmakers will tackle the state’s budget priorities. For a splendid preview of what that session may hold, go over and read our friend Roby Brock’s forecast of what’s to come at Talk Business.

MORE FUN WITH MAPS!: Or if you want some good (good? sure, why not) news, you can look to this neat map from the Centers for Disease Control showing that Arkansas has one of the lowest rates of binge drinking in the nation. Because we are all on meth? Yes, I’ll bet that’s it, meth, let’s go with that.

Legislative Preview: 2012 Fiscal Session Could Get Feisty (Talk Business)

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