Central Arkansas Technology Nerds Unite!

"Behold, the marvels of technology!"
"Behold! The marvels of technology!"

A couple weeks back I posted about this little group of Central Arkansas technology enthusiast types that Cotton Rohrscheib, area web guru/tech wizard/blogger/NASCAR fan, is looking to launch for networking and education purposes. Remember that?

Well, good news: We’ve set the inaugural meet-up for Tuesday, Feb. 24 at 6 p.m. in Little Rock, at the Starbucks on 9401 N. Rodney Parham Road. (A location somewhat arbitrarily arrived at because several of the interested parties may be coming from Conway and it has reasonably ready access to I-430. We may find another venue for future gatherings, once we have a better sense of who’s attending.)

This inaugural meeting will help us to develop a fuller organizational sense of who’s actually interested, what kind of topics we want to explore, how frequently we want to meet — mostly a ‘get to know you and swap ideas’ session to determine how we can make this a constructive venture for all involved.

You don’t necessarily have to be a hands-on tech wizard programmer type to join up — maybe you’re a blogger or an avid social media user or a chronic Internet porn consumer or just an all-purpose nerd with an abiding interest in the Web and technology issues. That’s fine; the more the merrier. Though probably the fewer the chronic Internet porn consumers, the better. I mean, a couple would be OK, but let’s not go overboard.

Go to our Facebook group page to get involved (or if you’re a hold-out who refuses to get on Facebook, just show up Tuesday).

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