“Campus Carry” Passes Committee Despite Anti-Gun Fear-Mongering

Rep. Charlie Collins’s “Campus Carry” bill made it one step closer to becoming law today.
The bill picked up enough votes to pass out of the House Education Committee after it was amended to allow universities and colleges to require active shooter training, as well as letting those institutions choose to disallow weapons in their daycare facilities, according to Arkansas Online.
Rep. Collins told The Arkansas Project after the hearing:

It’s a good day because we’re one step closer to improving the safety of our loved ones on college campuses.

Collins’s bill, which would allow licensed public college and university staff to carry a concealed weapon on campus, has been the subject of some of the most overheated and pathetic rhetoric during the 2015 legislative session from the anti-gun left.
A statement released today by the New York-based anti-gun group, Keep Guns Off Our Campus, shows just how low some will go to deny others their Second Amendment rights.
From Keep Guns Off Our Campus:

So now we know: Professor James Wilbanks, Assistant Professor of Management at the College of Business, University of Arkansas-Little Rock, was the shooter. On Friday, February 20th, he shot his wife, his sister, his two dogs, and himself. He also set his house on fire. Professor Wilbanks, a popular teacher, tragically exposes, once again, the popular myth of the “good guy with a gun.”
The two photographs below of Professor Wilbanks are from his Instagram account where they show him on the left, firing a M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW, for short) in front of a backdrop advertising The Vegas Machine Gun Experience (part of Discount Firearms – Las Vegas), while on the right, Professor Wilbanks is wielding an AK-47 type assault rifle at a shooting range.
In light of Arkansas Representative Charlie Collins’ introduction of HB1077, a bill that would allow concealed-carry weapons for faculty and staff on college campuses, Professor Wilbanks’ murder-suicide underscores again how deeply problematic campus-carry really is.

Translation: if you support “Campus Carry” legislation, you support tragic murder-suicides like the one that occurred in Maumelle recently.
If one were to use this faulty logic, pretty much any object would be up for a ban on college campuses. For instance, let’s say a college professor is involved in a fatal, off-campus car accident. Keep Guns Off Our Campus’s solution would presumably be to ban faculty and staff from driving cars on campus!
All in all, it was good to see reason prevail over the idiocy coming from folks like Keep Guns Off Our Campus. Here’s hoping this bill makes it through the House and Senate as well.

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One thought on ““Campus Carry” Passes Committee Despite Anti-Gun Fear-Mongering

  • February 27, 2015 at 9:23 am

    i hope they pass this bill it will protect the teachers and students by allowing the teachers to be armed they can stop and possibly prevent a mass shooting they can respond faster than the police and by being armed it will deter possible gun men.


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