Campaign Lists Updated; Keep ‘Em Coming

Posting rhythm here has been slow lately, but I’ve been making regular updates and corrections to our list of 2010 candidates as new information is made available, thanks to our readers. Hit the 2010 campaigns button in the right sidebar, or click here, to get to the full list. In recent days we’ve added in several newbies, and a few names have dropped off.

The lists are still incomplete, but we’re treating them as a work in progress. So if you’ve got info on candidates for office (especially for legislative seats) that we don’t have here, send me an email and we’ll check it out.

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One thought on “Campaign Lists Updated; Keep ‘Em Coming

  • John A. Wilson

    I need to contact Doyle Webb. I and my organization are planning to host a debate between the candidates that are running for the GOP nomination for US Senate. I can’t seem to find any contact information for him. Does anyone have any information? Help please.

    John A. Wilson
    Conservative Action Project


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