Bud Jackson to Sen. Roland Burris: ‘I’m Outta Here’

Photo credit: New York Times
Photo credit: New York Times

This has only the most tangential relationship to Arkansas politics, but will interest some Arkansas Project readers. Bud Jackson, a Virginia-based political operative known around these parts for counseling Lt. Gov. Bill Halter’s campaigns, is in the news big today for distancing himself from an even higher profile client: U.S. Sen. Roland Burris of Illinois.

Burris is, of course, the Chicago Democratic politico appointed to the Senate by disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagoevich. Burris finds himself in hot water because he was something less than forthcoming about his dealings with the shady governor—and Jackson is now declaring himself distanced from the whole stinking mess.

Chicago Sun-Times reporter/blogger Lynn Sweet has all the scoop over here, featuring a memo from Jackson explaining that he no longer has anything to do with this band of hacks and poltroons. (Hat tip to the inimitable Wonkette.com)

The Arkansas Project connected some dots between Jackson and Burris a few weeks back.

Oh, and a couple of days ago, I tried to follow Jackson’s zany misadventures on Twitter but he unkindly blocked me from following him. Can you imagine? The nerve!

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7 thoughts on “Bud Jackson to Sen. Roland Burris: ‘I’m Outta Here’

  • Br549

    Ok, I know this isn’t about Bud but it seemed like just as good a place as any to post this.

    from the newly update Tolbert Report:

    “UPDATE – Brummett posts on his blog that he does not care but the Democrat Party of Arkansas President Todd Turner is opposed to the idea.”

    It doesnt really matter much what they are blogging about over there as much as their misuse of nomenclature.

    I realize that the Democratic Party in Arkansas controls damn near everything. I do. But, when, where, has there ever been a President of the Democratic Party? I mean, they even do the cute little thing of calling it the “Democrat” Party instead of the “Democratic” Party as if that matters for some insane reason…

    Oh, and yes, I do feel better now. whew.

  • David Kinkade

    I asked Doyle Webb, Lord Protector of the Arkansas Republican Party, what he thought about his whole “President” business and he agrees it’s absurd.

  • The Democrats have a real conundrum. They can’t use the term chairman for their party leader because that is sexist and it could be construed as a term from the white racist power structure. I join BR549 and say damn the cockman oppressors!

  • Cameron Bluff

    Careful guys, you will make nemo’s “Best Hater” list…

    If the Democratic Democrats want to have a Democratic Democrat Arkansas President, fine and dandy. They don’t have much else to do these day but await the bazillions of federal dollars to flow into Arkansas and save the day. Hey, it’s free money, don’t you know…

    I just read today there is a grant for $2,000,000 just granted to ensure that young black men stay in college. Mind you, these are scholarship-holding young black men who need the added encouragement of $2,000,000 to stay in college. I wonder just what exactly will be done with this $2,000,000 to encourage said scholarship-holding young black men to remain in college?

    Whatever is done, just make sure we don’t give a single darned penny to the Hispanic youth who is in the top 10 percent of his or her class and is not yet an illegal alien because you actually can’t be one until you turn 18. Let’s be sure not to give a scholarship to someone who would actually use it as intended and not require an extra incentive to “stay in school.” I have to say, no illegal alien in this country should be entitled to a single tax-payer funded benefit. At the same time, our own government could actually enforce the laws of the land, could actually try to process the backlog of paperwork related to greencard applications. At the same time, these kids are here through no fault of their own and are not exactly illegal until they turn 18. For all the outrage over the high costs of illegal immigration, we could save $2,000,000 by giving that grant in scholarships to folks who actually want to be in college and would actually make the effort to stay in college.

    I know this isn’t exactly the way we are to be thinking in this new President Obama era. I just don’t see why it is necessary to GIVE someone something to keep on doing what we are GIVING them money to do in the first place. It is rather like GIVING someone a mortgage and then GIVING them a break on their mortgage because they can’t/won’t make the payments as required by their mortgage.

    There nemo, your hate for the day.

  • Cameron,

    I’ll bet there aren’t 50 illegal Hispanic kids in this state that would qualify for a state funded scholarship.

    My buddy up in Springdale says that the grade schools up there are filled with Hispanic kids but by the time high school graduation rolls around almost none of the Hispanics are left. He says he certain that the ones who do actually graduate aren’t illegal they’re second or third generation American citizens.

  • Cameron Bluff

    I would not argue your point there, not at all. I also don’t doubt there are tons of illegal aliens in this state, probably far more than either our state or federal governments would care to admit. These folks do not qualify for and should not receive state or federal benefits.

    Well, except for the problem of those who came here and decided to have a baby here and once the baby was born here, that child is a US citizen. There is another problem.

    Again though, Hispanic kids under 18 aren’t illegal, just their parents. Or, at least that is my understanding of the law.

  • Br549

    Mr. Admin,

    Since when did Thom Robb start reading and commenting on your blog?


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