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Brummett on Baker vs. White: “Whatever”

Arkansas News Bureau columnist John Brummett wrote a good column last week examining the much-ballyhooed Senate race in District 30 between Sen. Gilbert Baker (R) and challenger Joe White (D), which has emerged by default as “The Big Race” in Arkansas in 2008.

Brummett, challenged by Democrats who want him to endorse White, continues to scratch his head today and finally decides that there’s less here than meets the eye.

(Apparently, Arkansas Project readers agree, as our “Debate Squad” entry earlier in the week on Baker vs. White was decidely flat.)

Brummett does suggest that, should White be elected, he would be little more than a “puppet” in the legislature for Gov. Mike Beebe. That’s something to think about while you watch this ad in which Beebe and several other elected officials endorse White, who sits there grinning like a mongoloid and doesn’t say a word the whole time. Weird:

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4 thoughts on “Brummett on Baker vs. White: “Whatever”

  • This is what happens when candidates have too much time on their hands and too much money in the bank.

  • Elizabeth

    Ok guys… 1 – 2 – 3 – LOOK AT THE CAMERA. Ok now, let’s do that again.

  • I think that commercial makes the Democrats look like boobs. They’re all there to support Joe White the Democrat’s candidate for state senate. How shocking. It would be news if some Republicans where in the mix. Gilbert having the support of Stanley Russ, and Bob Johnson is a much bigger deal.

    Plus, at the end of the spot where the voice over says putting Faulkner County first for a change is a real a-hole move.

  • susan from Conway

    Although I wholeheartedly concur about the pathetically vacant expression on the face of the candidate in question, I cannot believe that someone in the 21st century would invoke “like a mongoloid” as an insult in a public forum. You’ve gotta love the internet…freedom from political correctness, even when one’s free speech would be patently offensive to those with Down’s Syndrome, and would never fly in another print forum with an editor’s eye, I hope.


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