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Bock vs. Malone: District 64 House Race

Mike Bock
Mike Bock

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette continues its look at key races for the state legislature, here focusing on the District 64 race in Fort Smith between Democrat Mike Bock and Republican Stephanie Malone.

She’s a spunky young go-getter who claims extensive knowledge in local economic development issues. He wears a yellow V-neck cable-knit sweater under a leather jacket, like some kind of unholy amalgamation of The Fonz and Stuart Smalley. Advantage: Malone.

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2 thoughts on “Bock vs. Malone: District 64 House Race

  • According to, Stephanie has raised $25,210 and Mike has raised $31,700.

  • Brent

    Stephanie Malone will win the race – regardless of the fundraising totals. Both have raised enough to get their message out and Malone’s message is more in line with that district than “Bock” Obama.


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