Blogging Abhors a Vaccuum…

Arkansas Project staff, hard at work.
Arkansas Project staff, hard at work.

I’m beginning to think that post-election/holiday season news vacuum is starting to descend upon us, because I’ve scanned the headlines this morning and, man, do things look dull out there.

And I’d place the odds of my actually sitting down and reading Gov. Mike Beebe’s budget proposal somewhere in the neighborhood of zero, so don’t be anxiously awaiting any coherent comments on that from this quarter.

If it keeps up like this, I’m going to have to start laying off some of the blogging support staff (pictured at left) here at Arkansas Project World Headquarters. The boys down in the boiler room aren’t going to be happy to hear that, especially right before Christmas.

In the meantime, this has absolutely nothing to do with Arkansas but I found it delightful: It’s the New York Times report on a guy who created a blog listing himself as a “senior advisor” to the John McCain presidential campaign. He then used the platform to spread all kinds of nutty rumors, many of which were picked up and propagated by our more liberal blogging brethren; some even made it into the mainstream media. That whole “Sarah Palin didn’t know Africa was a continent” story? He made it up. Here’s his blog. My hat goes off to this guy. How come you never do anything clever like that? God, you suck so much.

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