Blogger Smacks Around Newspaperman But Good

In case you missed it, there’s a fine exchange playing out between University of Arkansas education prof/blogger Jay Greene and Arkansas News Bureau columnist John Brummett concerning federal stimulus funds and education.

In a recent blog post, Greene critiqued a Fayetteville summer school program that was paying teachers twice their normal rate (and three times what teachers in neighboring Springdale were receiving) for their work in a three-week summer literacy program. Brummett responded with a column today, offering a qualified-maybe defense of the payments, sparking additional response from Greene:

It’s clear that John Brummett uses his column to prosecute his own personal, political agenda.  That’s acceptable for a columnist, but normally they have to be constrained by facts and logic in doing so.

Fun stuff, and there’s more, with additional blog response from Brummett.  It just goes on and on, these two. Read the back and forth.

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