Blanche Lincoln: Protesters Are ‘Un-American’ (Updated!)

Remember when Democrats used to bristle whenever criticized, taking umbrage that anyone would “question their patriotism”? I do! Why, here’s a link to Barack Obama whining about that just one year ago when John McCain questioned his bona fides on national security.

Oh, hey, guess what happened? In a conference call with reporters, Sen. Blanche Lincoln says that protesters questioning Obamacare are “un-American.” Take that, you smelly hippies!

But then she took it back, because she evidently suddenly realized that  calling your constituents “un-American” when you’re up for re-election maybe isn’t the savviest of political moves. She was probably right about that.

UPDATE: By way of contrast, here’s a Twitter response from Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri that is smarter by a factor of, oh, let’s say a million. One million times smarter: “I disagree that the people showing concern over some healthcare proposals are “manufactured” Real folks, strong opinions.”

That’s a smart call from McCaskill, because if you think about it, it’s rarely a good idea for United States senators to start bandying about charges that their fellow citizens are “un-American” for their political activities.

And don’t look now, but here comes the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee! Their statement on Lincoln’s gaffe is at the jump:

Statement on Lincoln ‘Un-American’ Gaffe From National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee

“We agree that Senator Lincoln should apologize for her description of these protestors are ‘un-American,’ given the fact they are justifiably expressing their frustration with the Democrats’ failed agenda and plans to implement a government takeover of America’s health care system. Perhaps this will encourage Senator Lincoln to finally explain to Arkansans how she and the Democrats will pay for their massive Washington-run health care proposals?” – Amber Wilkerson, NRSC spokeswoman

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6 thoughts on “Blanche Lincoln: Protesters Are ‘Un-American’ (Updated!)

  • Arkansas Blogger

    Did Pranknet destroy your website for a couple of days? All I got was “service unavailable” and “server busy”.

  • This is exactly why we need a new senator. I am looking forward to Tom Cotton getting back. With his experience, education and understanding of the world, the Arkansas Republican Party will have shown how they attract the brightest and best.

  • I think protesting is the most American thing you can do…not saying I agree with the protesters.

  • When they close the books on this chapter in history, Senator Blanche Lincoln, will be remembered as the Mother of Modern Day McCarthyism. She started calling concerned citizens that were exercising their 1st Amendment right of free speech and assembly Un-Americans. Meanwhile at the same time, the President created a department designed to keep track of those that voiced opposition to his plans. Meanwhile the Minister of Propaganda put out talking points for all the goose-stepping democrats as they headed off to their community meetings, What is next? Acorn and AmeriCorps form their own security apparatus, which now becomes a modern day version of the brown shirts. All I can say is: Thanks MOM!

  • Jim Wisehart

    I am 74 years old and have never been involved in politics. That will not be true in the upcoming senatorial campaign of Blanche Lincoln. I will be actively involved in working for the defeat of Sen. Lincoln


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