Blanche Lincoln Wants You To Look At Her Photo Album

Sen. Blanche Lincoln e-mailed me and wanted me to look at these photos from her March 14 fundraiser with Vice-President Joe Biden. Since I know how much you like looking at pictures, rather than reading words, I am sharing them with you.

However, be forewarned that these photos are incredibly dull, even by the rather dreadfully low standards of political fundraiser shots.  In fact, the one I posted there, with Lincoln and all the old guys standing there behind her, may be the most interesting one, because if you squint a little you can imagine that they’re a white Gladys Knight and the Pips and they’re getting ready to bust out a chorus of “Midnight Train to Georgia.”

Based on what’s pictured here, if I’d been at this event I would almost certainly have sliced my wrists open with a butter knife to alleviate the boredom. But only after eating all the bread in the basket so that no one else at the table could have any. Another win for The Arkansas Project!

UPDATED: Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times blog thinks Lincoln is a “wanker” for her support of estate tax repeal. How unchivalrous! And mildly hilarious, as well, because how often do you hear of a woman being called a “wanker”?

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One thought on “Blanche Lincoln Wants You To Look At Her Photo Album

  • I thought Blanch had to go a long time ago.I have been looking very hard at the Constitution party.Although it is a very long shot,and very extream to where we are now,it is, or something like it is inevitable.OR we are gone.


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