“Blanche and Me”

The Arkansas Project’s favorite long-haired right-wing hippie agitator, Rob Richard of the Central Arkansas Campaign for Liberty, is ready to go all Michael Moore on Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln. He spent his morning Tuesday hanging around outside the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock during a VIP breakfast to lobby Lincoln to sponsor the “Audit The Federal Reserve” bill, a favorite CAC4L cause.

Will Rob get to meet the senator and put his letter in her hand? Watch and find out:

At 10 minutes, it’s admittedly a little long for web video, at least by my lights, but it’s not like you were doing anything else today. I mean, you’re probably unemployed anyway, based on the numbers.

(H/T Kenneth Wallis at Little Rock Examiner)

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10 thoughts on ““Blanche and Me”

  • Fourche River Rex

    I wish I had known this was going on! Rob Richard is an American hero!

  • Rob, keep up the great work! Good thing she’s up for re-election this year. The Delta Dutchess is perfect for France, but a nightmare for Arkansas.

  • Bro the Plumber

    This kind of buffoonery is NOT HELPFUL! The Waxman Markey cap and trade bill is terrible and we should voice our opinions on that, but to do so like this just makes our side look foolish and non-credible. We have a great message on this issue, lets not blow it by being a clown show.

  • Buffoonery? What’d you suggest, Bro? Her breakfast at the Governor’s Mansion was on her public calendar, which was conveniently made public around 11:45pm on Friday night, just long enough for us to know she’d be in town, but not long enough to arrange a person to person meeting.

    When Blanche came out, I kindly and peaceably told her “Senator Blanche, I have a letter for you!” She laughed, waved, and went back inside.

    I must disagree with you, Bro. Exposing non-representation is not buffonery, but rather an act of patriotism. The buffoonery is when one’s due representative fails to duly represent.

    “In the beginning of change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for it then costs nothing to be a patriot.”–Mark Twain

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  • Fourche River Rex

    Bro, I got to say, if you think this is “buffoonery” then you probably would have thought the Sons of Liberty a troupe of clowns.
    Rob approached his Senator at the only public opportunity he could. The 1st Amendment is an awesome thing and it is always good to see someone speaking out, even if you disagree with the message or think it could be presented better. Rob stood up and did something. That is laudable.

  • Democrat Elite

    Rob – I cannot believe you had to audacity to show up at a Democratic Party event without first contributing a heavily sum to the party and paying proper homage to Gov. Beebe. You must understand that we cannot have the unwashed mass (and from the video I can tell that includes you) showing up at these events or else everyone will think they can talk to their Senator, Governor, or Congressman. We must have a standard to screen those that society has demonstrated worthy of their time and influence. The best way we can currently find is a monetary standard.

    My best advise to you or anyone for that matter that hopes to meet their Senator is start immediately giving money to the DNC, the DPA, Sen. Lincoln’s campaign, Gov. Beebe’s campaign, and of course Rep. Snyder’s campaign as well. Then, you will be placed on the list of people respectable enough to purchase tickets to our events. If you are so fortunate to attend one of these fundraisers, then perhaps you may be able to spend a few moments with your Senator.

    Until you are ready to make these important financial sacrifices for the good of the party, please stop showing up at these closed events.

  • Sounds like we should start a “Get Rob Richard on the inside of Democratic Party elite events” exploratory panel. I’m going to need a good barber, as well as a good outfitter. Any takers?

  • Protesting is trashy, undignified, and should be reserved for hippie liberals.

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