Arkansas Tie in Senate Head Lice Scandal!

The inimitable Onion does it yet again with this headline gem:

Quick, which Arkansas Congressman could be at the root of the Capitol Hill epidemic? I’m betting it’s Rep. Mike Ross:

While Senate leaders would not release the name of the blood-feeding parasite’s original host, many legislators speculated Tuesday that the epidemic started with that one gross Arkansas representative who always wears sweatpants.

Go ahead and read it all. I don’t think I oversell it when I say that it’s approximately 10 million times better than any story coming out of the Arkansas legislature today.

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5 thoughts on “Arkansas Tie in Senate Head Lice Scandal!

  • Anton

    This is the hotest photo of all. A nurse in the full regalia! Purrrrr! Oh for the good olde days, before scrubs! Yeah, baby!

  • David Kinkade

    Nurses in scrubs, Anton? Alas, but yet another symptom of our sadly degraded age.

  • YukonJack

    doncha love it when the holier than thous get theirs?

  • curly dog

    I always felt the Senate was lousy now I know it for sure


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