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Arkansas Tea Parties Slated for April 15

Based on traffic numbers to the Arkansas Project and the e-mails I’m getting, you people are ga-ga for all this Tea Party tax protest business. With the next round of nationwide demonstrations set to go off on April 15, including here in Arkansas, here are a few notes to round up what’s going on:

➤ The Central Arkansas Campaign for Liberty has scheduled an organizational meeting TONIGHT at 6 p.m. at the Main Library in downtown Little Rock. If you’re planning on attending a Tea Party protest in Central Arkansas, hook up with these guys, because they have actually proven that they know how to put together a successful demonstration (200 people in March to welcome VP Joe Biden at a fundraiser for Sen. Blanche Lincoln!). They have a track record—sign up with them now and get on their mailing list.

➤ Arkansas Democrat-Gazette columnist Mike Masterson, newly installed as opinion editor of the ADG northwest edition, did a little write-up on the Tea Party movement in his Tuesday column, spotlighting the April 15 protest in Fayetteville.

➤ A couple of additional helpful resources if you’re looking to hook up with organizers are the National TEA Party Day site and the Tax Day Tea Party site. (Are all these groups coordinating with one another and aware of one another’s planning activities? Rob Richard, call your office!)

I’ll update more as needed.

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9 thoughts on “Arkansas Tea Parties Slated for April 15

  • We have Tea Party activities scheduled for April 15 at the General Mail facility post office on East McCain. We are also going to be coordinating with others for a rally at the Capitol building at 3pm on April 15. The details on the rally at the Capitol are still pending. Click the link on my name for the upcoming events on our calendar and please join our group if you haven’t already. It takes just a few seconds.

  • Roy Clark

    Please send me a list of meetings in the Arkansas area.

    Roy C

  • I am not able to attend these “Tea Parties”, what can I do to further the effort?

  • Join the Central Arkansas Campaign for Liberty and keep up with our calendar and our mailing list.

  • Pat Howard

    Another Tea Party to be held on April 15, 2009 at the Arlington Park in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas 12:00 noon

  • Gene & Sue Haase

    Where exactly is Arlington Park, in Hot Springs. We want to attent the tea party.
    Gene & Sue Haase

  • It’s downtown Hot Springs. You can’t miss it. It’s the 200 block of Central Ave. It’s HUGE.

  • Troy Gage

    I would love to join the tea party. I am a retired United States Marine and proud of it. I am a conservity and proud of it also and tired of the liberals pushing things on me and this country that I fought for for twenty years. Let me know what I can do.
    Troy Gage USMC/ret.

  • phillip white

    Love you guys I would like to support support you guys any way I can
    Keep it up.


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