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Arkansas Roundup, September 14

Walker wrap-up: The internal investigation into Bill Walker’s hiring of his friend for a position she did not qualify for has produced a 15-page report. Perhaps the most shocking finding: the interpreter was given preferential racial treatment. Get the full story from us, The Arkansas Project.

All in: Governor Beebe fully embraced Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion this week. According to state officials, expanding the program to cover an additional 250,000 Arkansans will SAVE money! Wow! What a deal! Roby Brock has more at Talk Business.

Koch derangement syndrome: Our beloved friend Max Brantley is still talking about the “Koch brothers.” Seriously. This time he let something very revealing slip: he’s envious that Democrats don’t have a well-funded “truth squad” like Americans for Prosperity. Don’t miss this hysteria at the Arkansas Whines Times.

Campus crimes: There was a robbery at gunpoint on the campus of UALR this week, according to FOX16.  Surely these criminals know they’re not allowed to carry weapons on campus? There are laws against such things!

Lightning strikes–again: More non-existent voter fraud was uncovered this week as a Maryland congressional candidate resigned her race after evidence surfaced that she voted in two states. Perhaps she and Hudson Hallum can start a consulting firm. More from us, The Arkansas Project.

REPUBLICANS HATE SANTA!: Apparently Secretary of State Mark Martin hates bunnies, grandmas, and unicorns. He also fired Santa Claus, as part of a vast, right-wing conspiracy to take over third world countries and convert them to Christianity. Well, not really. But Mike Cook has some equally absurd “analysis” at Talk Politics (what passes as ‘political news’ in this state is a travesty).

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