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Arkansas Project Girlfriend Now Dislikes John Brummett, Too.

Arkansas Project Girlfriend (APG) introduced herself to Arkansas News Bureau columnist John Brummett, who does not care much for younger people, Wednesday at the Arkansas Rural Development Conference in Hot Springs, where he was moderating a panel of some sort.

Brummett confessed to being surprised to meet her, as he always thought her to be a fictional character. Yes, that’s what he said, which she actually thought was pretty hilarious, calling me right after to tell me about it. She was less delighted by his describing her as “normal-looking and nice-seeming” in his subsequent blog post recounting their meeting.

She: “I know that’s meant to be a dig at you, but I still don’t think I like it very much.” There’s Brummett, firing up the old charm machine again. How DOES he do it?

I tried to explain to her that she shouldn’t take it personally, as Brummett is fundamentally terrible in every regard. And I know that sounds like a harsh judgment, but look, it’s not ME saying it; I got it off Brummett’s Wikipedia page:

Click for larger version.
Click for larger version.

More from Blake’s Think Tank on this great meeting of the minds. I actually don’t have much to say about it, as it’s just one of those passing anecdotal things, except Christ, shouldn’t Brummett be able to figure out how to construct an outbound link in a blog post by now? He’s been doing this for like six months.

What the hell…was I going somewhere with all this? Oh, yeah, that’s right, the only reason I was writing this was so that I could lazily post links to Arkansas Project Girlfriend’s Greatest Hits, i.e. my favorite APG appearances over the last year or so, because, y’know, why the hell not:

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UPDATE: The Melissa Runs blog adjudicates the matter, deeming Brummett’s actions unchivalrous and APG a “hero” for taking it in stride.

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9 thoughts on “Arkansas Project Girlfriend Now Dislikes John Brummett, Too.

  • Elizabeth

    Quite possibly one of … no, that doesn’t do it justice… THE greatest Wiki post of all time.

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  • Fourche River Rex

    I just laughed so hard I peed…seriously.

  • “As a Little Rock resident, Brummett is fundamentally terrible in every regard. He also has a mustache.”

    I say he should grow a beard.

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  • Tason Jolbert

    John Brummett is a douche bag for Democrats. That’s all he is. He will occasionally write something critical of them so he can claim to be fair.

  • I’m not sure I would call my late night rantings “adjudicating” but thanks all the same. The “hero” crown is in the mail.

  • Baba O'Riley

    Brummett only has two big fans. Himself and the democrat party (Mikey Beebe). Brummett is so self-consuming that he wishes that the Republican Party was his to play with, and that the Republican Party would bound away. To coin a phrase from Ma Richards from year ago, “Poor, poor John. Doesn’t know when to come in out of the rain.”


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