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Arkansas Lawmakers Bailing on Bail-out?

Aaron Sadler with the Stephens Media Washington Bureau talks with members of the Arkansas Congressional delegation who are resisting the $700 billion financial sector bail-out plan proposed by the Bush White House.

Also, here’s Sen. Mark Pryor in a USA Today story, saying that he wishes Barack Obama and John McCain would suspend their campaigns and get back to Washington to help hammer out a bipartisan deal—in a Tuesday interview BEFORE McCain’s goofy “I’m gonna suspend my campaign and go to D.C.” move:

For all the political wrangling over whether the candidates should be involved in the bailout talks, there were some on both sides who said they belong at the table. In an interview Tuesday night, Sen. Mark Pryor, a centrist Democrat who has worked with McCain and Obama on other bipartisan deals, expressed what he thought was only a wistful hope that they might return.

”We need leadership right now,” Pryor had said. “It would be good … for them to suspend their campaigns and come back here and really work with us on this, come up with something we can all do together.”

But, he said, ”they wouldn’t do this; they’ve got a debate Friday.”

Incidentally, Lance Turner’s blog over in the Arkansas Business neighborhood is a great resource for information on the bail-out debate and recent economic matters—lots of links to news stories, analysis and primary sources. Check it out.

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