Arkansas GOP Rebuilding

…Or so they say. The AP’s Andrew Demillo gives the Arkansas Republican Party a chance to lay out their plans for the future, now that they’re fresh from the GOP Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul and full of beans for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Anyone wanna drop some names for future candidates? Demillo teases out a couple:

There are some names that delegates and party insiders say are already being floated for statewide and congressional races in 2010. They include Deena Burnett Bailey, whose husband Tom Burnett died on hijacked Flight 93 in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and state Sen. Gilbert Baker, the former chairman of the state Republican Party.

Both pose challenges for the GOP. Bailey, whom the party appointed to its spot on the state election commission, has some name recognition but no experience in politics. Baker’s immediate political future depends on whether he survives a tough re-election battle for his Senate seat.

I feel like I read a version of this story every six months, yet the vaunted “rebuilding” never seems to arrive. Hmm.

Update: Hey, I thought so! Here’s a similar story by the Arkansas News Bureau’s John Lyon written in March—in fact, almost six months to the day. I’m pretty sure that six months from now Lyon and Demillo can submit the same stories with the dates changed and none of us will notice. Nothing will have changed, will it?

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