D.C. Arkansas Native Jailed in Kiddie Sex Case

We haven’t had any sordid tabloid-style stuff on The Arkansas Project lately. I’ve missed it….

If you looked at the Drudge Report today, you’ve probably seen the story about the aide to U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) who’s facing federal charges for receiving and distributing child pornography.


Read down a bit into the Washington Post story and you’ll catch an Arkansas tie in a similar but unrelated case: The story notes that James Michael McHaney, a Little Rock native and former aide to Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), was last month sentenced to three years in prison after his arrest in 2007 for soliciting sex from an underage boy.

The D.C.-based Wonkette blog reported on McHaney’s case several months ago, reporting that his family was politically involved and close to the Clintons. One source tells Wonkette that McHaney may have done some campaign work at one time for U.S. Rep. Mike Ross.

The Smoking Gun has the text of the original criminal complaint filed against McHaney. It gets a little graphic, for you easily shocked types out there, of which I know there are many among The Arkansas Project readership.

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One thought on “D.C. Arkansas Native Jailed in Kiddie Sex Case

  • I am probably going to start a fire storm here but here goes.
    I think that as soon as this pervert was found guilty of soliciting sex with an underage boy, he should have been turned over to the young boy’s parents for about 2 hours and the cops could pick up what was left later.
    I am tired of hearing about all the poor mistreated molesters. What about the rights of the boy involved?


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