Another Lil’ Freeman…

I get questions from readers periodically asking why we don’t hear from Arkansas Project contributor Freeman Hunt more often. To which I respond: What, my stuff isn’t good enough for you, you ungrateful little jerks?

But in fact, Freeman Hunt’s absence from the scene lately is a function of her being pregnant, as she notes at her other blogging home, with the lil’ one due in March. Many congratulations to the Hunt family.

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6 thoughts on “Another Lil’ Freeman…

  • 1) “sir”?

    2) what a wuss. sarah palin would have been back at work by now field-stripping moose and unmarried gay couples.

  • PS: I misread original item. Freeman hasn’t even had the tyke yet. She’s slacking while she’s merely pregnant, and just barely, at that. Hell, Sarah leaked amniotic fluid over about 15 states while continuing to work.

  • David Kinkade

    Lay off Freeman. I could take on 20 five year olds and I’m not afraid to take on you. First warning!

  • Thank you for the congratulations, Bill and David. We are pretty excited around here.


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