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A Quick Look At The Latest Brantley Conspiratometer!

We introduced our new “Max Brantley Conspiratometer” a few weeks ago.  Good times were had by all; we highlighted Brantley’s fixation on the extraordinary danger of ALEC — that is, the extraordinary danger of (brace yourself) a group of conservative state legislators who meet to discuss better public policy.

Two weeks ago, Brantley took something of a hiatus from his latest witch hunt and focused on much more important issues–like Warren Stephens’ donations to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the phenomenon of a barred contestant from Conway’s ‘Stuck on a Truck’ competition (in case anyone cares).

But those of us who need more ersatz drama in their lives will be pleased to hear that, last week, Brantley was back on the trail, serving the great people of Arkansas with more top-notch reporting on his favorite conspiracy theories. I guess with a Medicaid shortfall of $400 million in Arkansas–under the watch of liberal executive and legislative control, with no solutions in sight–Brantley has to do something to divert everyone’s attention.

Here’s the conspiratometer for last week, May 6th-11th:

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