The Story of ‘A Fat Little Gnome of A So-Called Person From Mena’

By now, you are probably all-too-familiar with our good friend state Senator Gene Jeffress.  He has been recognized here repeatedly, as well as nationally, for his splendid oratories about the glories of socialized medicine.  But did you know there is another Senator Jeffress serving in our state’s highest legislative body?  His name is Jimmy Jeffress.

Like Gene, Jimmy has a tendency to commit gaffes.  Unfortunately for Jimmy, he is prone to committing them on Facebook and I am prone to catching him.

Monday afternoon, Jimmy posted a lovely devotional thought on his Facebook profile, encouraging all of his brethren to be more congenial in political discourse:

How touching!

Tuesday afternoon, however, Jeffress seemed to have forgotten his own admonitions and publicly chastised “the gnome of Mena” (Update, 9:12 AM: The previous link is now broken–it appears Senator Jeffress has deleted the following post):

Very strong language from someone so concerned about the denigration of others!

Some of the comments were equally civil:

Occasionally, the conversation got a little awkward as well:

(And while we are on the subject, I must ask if Jeffress’ comments violate Arkansas’ new cyberbullying law?  Perhaps Senator(s) Jeffress can tell us–they both voted for it.)

Now, who is this gnome in question?  Well, let’s review what we know!  The gnome is 1. Fat, 2. Little, and 3. From Mena, AR.

And Jeffress offers one further clue about the gnome in a comment on his post:

Given these established facts, I now present into evidence Representative Nate Bell.  He is from Mena, he was in Jonesboro on Tuesday, and he is, let’s just say, “endowed by his Creator with certain unshakable pounds.”

So why is Jeffress targeting Bell?  It may have something to do with the fact that Bell’s wife shot the video of Jimmy’s brother’s unhinged Obamacare worship that made big news last week.  But Mrs. Bell hasn’t editorialized about the video at all:  she simply filmed the comments and published them on YouTube.  Rep. Bell has been largely silent on the issue as well.  In fact, he’s even been complimentary of both gentlemen.  So what gives?  Is Jimmy Jeffress mad at the Bells for capturing his brother’s own heartfelt words and helping him spread his message of ‘free healthcare for all?’  If you ask me, the Jeffress brothers owe the Bells a big ‘thank you!’  Obamacare is great news, isn’t it?  We need to let everyone know!

If Jimmy Jeffress wants to be mad at someone for speaking unflatteringly of his brother, I believe that distinction is rightfully mine.  After all, I have been spending a lot of quality time with pictures of his brother and Photoshop in the last week.  I’ll be watching his status updates for comments about me, perhaps to be known as “that skinny flamingo of a so-called ‘person’ from Searcy.”

At any moment, Governor Beebe will no doubt renew his call for civility in political discourse here in the state.  But I just have one question before we return to the Jeffress standards of politeness:  If Jimmy Jeffress was arrested and charged with having an IQ higher than a garden gnome, would there be enough evidence to convict him?

*Update 1:00 PM, July 12 – Representative Nate Bell has issued this statement in response to Senator Jeffress’ comments: 

“Political disagreements should never devolve into personal attacks. I’m sure that the Senator is upset as he watches his brother’s campaign continue to struggle against Tom Cotton. Lashing out at me because folks around the state found his brother’s stump speech unusual doesn’t help the situation and I’m sure he regrets his angry posts. I’ve always had a friendly and respectful working relationship with both men and I hope that we will continue to do so.”


  1. Hmmm… The links to the facebook pages are broken. Either he took them down or changed his privacy settings or something. The inability of folks to independently verify these exchanges now must mean you made it all up, right? I mean no democrat would ever be as honest as you are portraying here, even if that honesty was being balanced by cruelty and stupidity.

  2. Scary Stuff says:

    If I was Rep Bell I would be pretty scared. What is more frightening than a pissed off retired music teacher! Oh the horror!
    The only way Rep Bell could be in any danger would be if he stood in front of Sen. Jeffess and a Government check. The man has been a serial abuser of the public trust. He has sucked every dime he could out of a part time position. He even had the guts to put his own wife on the State Senate payroll after being criticized for extreme reimbursements. The Arkansas history books will tell a shameful tale of his time in Arkansas politics. People will look back and ask the question; “How was a guy like that ever elected to public office?”

  3. Laura Wiles says:

    Glad to know everyone from Mena is dumb, ugly and mean. I’ve learned so much about myself. Can’t wait to share this with my Mena Democrat friends. All these warm fuzzy comments from J Jeffress make me want to donate to Rep Bell’s re-election campaign.

  4. Joseph Redding says:

    Now why on earth is this worthy of a blog? Why do we care what someone wrote about another person to this magnitude? Are we in 4th grade again? Are we supposed to choose sides on the playground at recess?
    Come on, Horton. Some of us don’t give a who.

    • Nic Horton says:

      Such an insignificant story…and yet, you read and comment. Thanks!

    • Yeah, who cares what politicians say. It’s not like we should hold them accountable for either their words or their deeds, right Joey? When a politician like this says one thing and less than an hour later does exactly what he is criticizing, that’s not symptomatic of extreme hypocrisy or dishonesty, is it?

      • Joseph Redding says:

        Sounds like being human to me. But I’m certain none of you would admit to ever doing something like that.

        • If I had the unmitigated gall to make a big pretentious statement about behaving like a Christian and not denigrating people and in the very same breath turn around and insult folks, I would hope that my friends would call me on it. Jesus had more harsh words for hypocrites like Jeffress than for anybody else. Of course, if Mr. Jeffress were to study the Scriptures he would surely learn this.

          • Joseph Redding says:

            Thou shalt not judge. That’s right! I read that in my bible too. I didn’t even have to hear it from the saintly Horton who calls himself a WORSHIP LEADER. God help that church.

          • Nic Horton says:

            Joseph, for someone who doesn’t supporting judging, you’re sure doing a lot of it.

          • So wait, you didn’t read the rest of Matthew 7 where it explains that He is talking about not judging hypocritically and actually tells them that you will know a person by their fruits (that sounds an awful lot like “judging”. In fact, you left off reading before you got all the way to verse 2 of Matthew 7 where He explains that the reason they shouldn’t judge is because they will be judged by the same standards they are using (and their standards are flawed). Of course, Jesus makes this clear in John 7:24 when He says “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” That doesn’t fit your worldview that Nicholas Horton is evil scum for holding your pet politician accountable, so you’re ignoring it, right? Easier to just misquote Matthew 7:1 (ignoring Matthew 7:2-5, Matthew 7:16-20, and John 7:24 along with other passages).

          • Joseph Redding says:

            So let me see if I understand this correctly. It was wrong for Sen. Jeffress to speak his mind on his own facebook page but it was acceptable for Horton to do the same thing on his blog? What a complete double standard.

          • No, it was wrong for Jeffress to say that denigrating people is un-Christian and then turn around and denigrate people. That’s called “hypocrisy” and is specifically and repeatedly called evil by Christ. As long as Mr. Horton is using the same standard for himself and others, it’s not “hypocrisy.” Mr. Horton is not criticizing Mr. Jeffress for speaking his mind, he is criticizing him for his BLATANT hypocrisy. If Mr. Jeffress had simply started insulting folks without first specifically stating that such actions were un-Christian and evil, he would not be criticized as a hypocrite. His words might still be reported and commented on, but he would not be cited for blatant hypocrisy. See the difference?

        • Nic Horton says:

          Perhaps y’all should pay more attention to what Jeffress said. He’s the news story here, not me. (but what do I gnome?)

    • Grayson Bates says:

      AMEN! When people grasp at straws to the point they are quoting those related to people, they are desperate and showing their true colors… must be tiring watching out that closely! Have fun in all your desperate attempts to bring others down to bring yourself up though!

      • Henry Vane says:

        Why is it that every time a Democrat ‘misspeaks’, the Republican who quotes him/her is “slinging mud”, but when a Democrat operative hides in the bushes in front of a Republican congressman’s house, it’s “just politics as usual”?

        Arkansas Democrats are psycho.

  5. I really like the way he (3 different time) writes “Ha!” after he makes what he considers to be a really incisive point. That, my friends, is the sign of a great writer.

    Or at least a sign that you’ve been possessed by the spirit of Flo Cato. Is she still alive? (See bottom entry at )


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