It’s Time to Stop Using Taxpayer-Funded Resources to Influence Elections

Arkansas capitol

HB1187 would prohibit government entities from using taxpayer funds or taxpayer-funded resources to influence the outcome of ballot measures in Arkansas. This is a great bill, because whether you know it or not, your tax dollars have been used to influence elections -- and not just at the state level. Allow me to provide a real-life example. In 2011, the White County Quorum Court, as the behest of Judge Mike Lincoln, passed a sales tax to fund a new highway around the city of Searcy. The tax … [Read more...]

Chief Osborne, Call Me Maybe?


In his latest campaign expenditure report, Searcy police chief and candidate for state representative Kyle Osborne reported a $400 expense for “rent.” The address given leads to an apartment complex in Searcy. State ethics laws regarding the use of campaign funds for explicitly personal reasons are fairly clear -- it’s a no no. However, the ethics commission reserves the right to determine whether or not expenses are for “personal use” or for campaign use. The following paragraph is … [Read more...]

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures in District 46 Race


The police chief of my community in north-central Arkansas created quite a stir over the weekend after his comments in the Sunday paper.  According to the article, published by the Daily Citizen, Kyle Osborne called incumbent state Rep. Mark Biviano “desperate” for signing Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Osborne is challenging Biviano for his seat in this fall’s election. "My first thought was, 'Desperate.' How desperate are you to get re-elected to lock yourself into … [Read more...]

Local Construction Company Says “We Built This”


A local construction company, located in Searcy, Arkansas where I live, has a message for President Obama:  "We built our business without ANY government help."  They also included a suggestion for the President: I contacted Mr. Bill Haynie, the owner of Haynie Construction, and asked him why he had this sign made.  He told me he's upset about Obama's comments that business owners didn't build their businesses: "I'm just tired of Obama trying to say the government has helped small businesses … [Read more...]