Voter Fraud Does Not Exist, Except Maybe In Wisconsin

Voter Fraud (Blindfold)

Before you read this story, there is one thing you need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt: voter fraud does not exist. Period. Never has, never will. And like state Senator Uvalde Lindsey once said, voter ID laws are simply “solutions chasing a problem that doesn’t exist.” With that in mind, I direct your attention to this recent news story out of Wisconsin: A Shorewood man has been charged with more than a dozen counts of illegal voting, accused of casting multiple ballots in four … [Read more...]

Stuff Happening Around Arkansas


1. Arkansas’s Medicaid experiment continues to make national headlines, for all the wrong reasons. The Arkansas-Obamacare “private” option has now drawn the scorn of the Washington Times editorial board. Writing last week, the WashTimes pointed out that, as costs continue to climb, the program is shifting more costs to federal taxpayers -- calling Arkansas’s plan to grab more federal funding a “bailout:” Fans of Kathleen Sebelius, the lady who made Obamacare so wildly popular, say her … [Read more...]

ArkTimes Cites Non-Existent Voter ID Requirement As Evidence That Republicans Hate Minorities

Max Brantley, angry as always.

Liberals have long enjoyed tossing around the straw man argument that “voter ID laws are designed to suppress minorities” and “help elect Republicans.” (Thankfully, these scare tactics didn’t stop Arkansas from passing a strong voter ID law earlier this year.) You would think that a recent Wisconsin appellate court’s ruling would have torpedoed the false narrative that these laws create new requirements for voting (in fact, the laws simply require proof that voters meet existing requirements to … [Read more...]

This Week’s Podcast: Voter ID, Pryor, & Pop Tart Guns

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Behold, Episode 3 of The Arkansas Project Podcast. This week Dan and I discuss: The Wisconsin voter ID ruling Conviction of a Cincinnati poll worker for voter fraud The latest Mark Pryor news Stimulus iPhone app The severe danger of pop tart and cap guns Hope you enjoy. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think. Or not. … [Read more...]

Voter ID Veto Override Delayed Despite 77% Support

77 percent support voter ID

Two days ago, the Senate overrode Governor Beebe’s veto of the voter ID bill, SB2. The House was scheduled to vote on the override yesterday, but the vote was delayed. On Twitter, Rep. Stephen Meeks -- who carried the bill on the House side -- told me the vote was delayed due to a “LONG calendar.” A previous tweet from Rep. Meeks said the issue was not being brought up in order to allow legislators to get home early for Easter weekend. Perhaps, however, there is more to the story. On … [Read more...]

$400,000 For Sweet Potato Research? Yam Right!

Farmer Beebe

There are several remarkable aspects of Governor Mike Beebe’s veto of SB2, the voter ID bill, yesterday. It looks like Beebe threw a bone to the gubernatorial base -- which suggests that the base is in need of stimulation. It is also intriguing to see a governor veto a bill that passed with bipartisan support in both chambers and is supported by large majorities of Democrats, women, African-Americans, and even crusty old white guys. But most importantly: how odd it is to see a governor use the … [Read more...]

Voter ID Bill Clears Final Hurdle, Heads to Governor

election integrity

Today, the Senate Rules Committee convened to consider whether or not the voter ID bill required a supermajority vote. The House Rules Committee met on this issue last week and ruled that the bill, SB2, did not require a supermajority vote. The full House then passed the full bill and sent it to the full Senate to concur in amendments. Advance Arkansas Institute's Dan Greenberg appeared before the Senate Rules Committee today to offer his opinion: Amendment 51 supplies conditions for … [Read more...]

My David Ramsey Problem – And Ours

mind reader

Well, I see David Ramsey is at it again. Ramsey, a blogger for the Arkansas Times, faces a problem. What he’d like to do is criticize Republicans for the wicked things they say. However, there’s a difficulty: Republicans are as careful about what they say as anyone else, so it’s often difficult for Ramsey to find things to write about. Ramsey, however, has come up with a creative solution to this problem: namely, he makes things up. This solves a small problem for Ramsey – the social critic … [Read more...]