More Great Moments In Political Cartooning!

(Image: Arkansas News Bureau)

A few months ago, we busted political cartoonist Vic Harville's chops for phoning it in with this terrible piece of Photoshop crap marking the inauguration of President Obama. Well, the Arkansas News Bureau cartoonist is phoning it in again, marking the death of broadcasting giant Walter Cronkite with this lazy and insight-free Photoshop job: Oh, wow, what a powerful statement, presented as only a highly-paid newspaper political cartoonist could! Maybe if I really, really put my mind to it, … [Read more...]

Great Moments in Political Cartooning

Political "cartoon" from Arkansas News Bureau

This was the political cartoon carried by Stephens Media's Arkansas News Bureau yesterday to mark the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama. This submission from cartoonist Vic Harville consists of an altered image of the Lincoln Memorial statue, smiling slightly, with a thought bubble that says "President Obama." That's pretty much it. Do you see how that offers a unique and telling slant on the historical moment, laced with subtle wit and sly insight? No? What's that? All you're seeing is … [Read more...]

Media Movements: Sadler to ADEQ


Word is that former Stephens Media Washington bureau reporter Aaron Sadler — who also did time at the Little Rock Capitol Bureau, the Times Record in Fort Smith and the Jonesboro Sun — is hanging up his reporting hat to take a post as spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. You may recall Sadler was one of the young fellows unceremoniously axed by Stephens in late October, when the streets ran red with the blood of reporters. And thus another young journalist abandons … [Read more...]

Doug Thompson Joins the Blogosphere


I didn't realize this, but Doug Thompson, northwest Arkansas political reporter and columnist for the Stephens Media Arkansas News Bureau, has joined the blogging world. Add it to your reading lists. … [Read more...]

New Site Now Live

Arkansas Media Watchers: The flashy new site, long promised and eagerly awaited, now appears to be live. I'll note that the new site prominently includes a blogroll of leading Arkansas bloggers in the right-hand column on the front page. It looks good. I'll also note that they didn't strip The Arkansas Project from the blogroll as retribution for that little "exclusive sneak preview" stunt I pulled last week when I got my hands on a bootleg developer's link, so I'm glad to see … [Read more...]

Arkansas News Bureau Revamping Website


Arkansas News Bureau columnist John Brummett unleashes a grouchy jeremiad against these dang kids and all their goldarn technology today, but the old codger sneaks in a little newsy teaser for you Arkansas media watchers out there. Brummett writes that the website will soon be undergoing an overhaul, "shiny and new with bells and whistles," and that he'll be back to blogging. (Some may recall that Brummett dipped a toe into the blogging waters during the 2007 legislative … [Read more...]

Rumor Mongering: Morning News Resists Layoffs?


Well, the title has a question mark at the end, which can only mean it's time for more Arkansas Project rumor mongering! Nothing goes better on a Friday than the mongering of a few rumors, I've found. Let's get to it: A tipster sends along word that the ax that swung through Stephens Media newsrooms last week, reported here on The Arkansas Project, has yet to draw much blood at the Morning News of Northwest Arkansas. But it's not for want of trying on the part of Stephens bosses.... Our … [Read more...]

More on Stephens Media Cuts in Arkansas

Last week, The Arkansas Project noted impending cutbacks at Stephens Media papers that were having a big effect on newsrooms in Arkansas. On Friday, blog commenter "In the Know" weighed in with a look at the cuts and their impact on Stephens employees in Arkansas. It seems pretty authoritative, so I'm promoting it to its own post: The reduction in force is being felt companywide. Between 50 and 100 people were asked to accept buyouts in Las Vegas. The buyouts in Washington - where Aaron Sadler … [Read more...]