McDaniel Doublethink Will Make Schools Less Safe


The attorney general of Arkansas doesn’t get to write laws or make policy for the state. However, as the state’s highest ranking law enforcement officer, it is customary for the AG to issue opinions on legal questions, usually when asked to do so by lawmakers. I don’t have a problem with this in general, as long as we all understand that opinions from the AG are just that -- his opinion. They’re not decrees, verdicts, or rulings. They’re just one lawyer’s opinion of the law. Imagine my … [Read more...]

Dustin McDaniel Is Wrong About Act 746

Dustin McDaniel, doing his best to block a FOIA request.

Many folks have asked me to weigh in on Attorney General Dustin McDaniel’s opinion on Act 746. I suppose it’s because we first broke the story about Act 746 here at The Arkansas Project. I called it “the greatest untold story of the 89th General Assembly.” After we broke that story, a debate ensued: Governor Beebe weighed in, saying he didn’t really understand the bill to mean what it actually means when he signed it. To recap my response: So what? Beebe’s an executive, not a judge or a … [Read more...]

Weekly Segment With Paul Harrell


No doubt many of you have been following the developments surrounding Act 746 or "constitutional carry." You may have seen my interview with ASP spokesman Bill Sadler earlier this week. Yesterday I spoke with Paul Harrell on The Paul Harrell Program about my interview and where we go from here. Take a listen, if you're into that sort of thing. Segment begins around the 1:35:00 mark: Video streaming by Ustream … [Read more...]

Is Constitutional Carry Under Fire?

act 746

My phone has been ringing off the hook ever since we broke the news a few weeks ago about the meaning of Act 746: namely, that the right to carry a firearm in Arkansas has now been established in law. As I reported, the law makes multiple substantive changes to Arkansas law: most importantly, it decriminalizes firearm possession. Nonetheless, there’s been just a bit of disagreement about what the law means to law-abiding and Second-Amendment-appreciating Arkansans. Therefore, earlier this … [Read more...]

Constitutional Carry: Governor’s Impression or Legislative Intent?

A new map of Arkansas.

Our post earlier in the week about Act 746 -- and the possibility that it brought constitutional carry to Arkansas -- has created a bit of a stir. In fact, that story has gotten more pageviews than any story in the history of The Arkansas Project, even including the fabled Kinkade Era. This is no small accomplishment. Our story has been referenced by a multitude of websites and newspapers; it was even a brief topic of discussion on KARK-4 this morning. That discussion has often invoked the … [Read more...]

Arkansas State Police Oppose Second Amendment


The House Judiciary Committee heard HB1408, The Open Carry Act, this morning. Before the bill was presented, it was amended heavily to allow open carry only outside of incorporated cities. Another amendment also provided a protection for carriers who accidentally had their gun exposed. During questioning on the accidental exposure amendment, Rep. John Walker posed this hypothetical: what if someone is at a sporting event and they trip and fall, accidentally exposing their gun? This could … [Read more...]