Bill Walker On Interpreter Hire: “I’m Comfortable With The Decision That Was Made”

KATV has released a partial transcript of conversations that took place at the personnel committee hearing on Tuesday in Little Rock. Below are some of the more interesting excerpts.  Enjoy! Director of Workforce Services, Bill Walker: If we had taken the position that we want the criteria to be that we want to have these high QAST levels if you will…that we want to have this national certification if you will…then there would be nobody in our department today that would … [Read more...]

Beebe Administration Turns A Deaf Ear To Deaf Community


“Seven other candidates tested better. Six other candidates were certified. But the state hired her anyway.” That’s the lead in to a news story from a local Little Rock media outlet who conducted a rare act of journalism regarding the recent hiring of a state sign language interpreter, Miss Clara Taylor.  According to the report, the woman is not a certified interpreter and tested near the bottom of the pool of applicants for the position. And in another rare act of journalism, Max … [Read more...]

‘A Corrupt Practice': Interview with Allen Kerr on State Retirement Double-Dipping


As a follow-up to our primer on double-dipping yesterday, here’s more from state Rep. Allen Kerr, who’s done more than any elected official to shine a light on how some state employees are able to “retire” briefly and then return to their jobs a few weeks later to collect both a salary and a pension. Kerr bluntly calls double-dipping a “corrupt practice” in which highly compensated upper level state employees like Artee Williams, head of the state Department of Workforce Services, who recently … [Read more...]

Take Two: A Primer on Double-Dipping Retirement in Arkansas (Updated!)

Take two: A primer on double-dipping in Arkansas

Recent reports that two highly compensated state employees (here and here) are joining the ranks of “double-dippers”—that is, “retiring” briefly, collecting pension benefits, and then returning to their positions to collect both a paycheck and a state pension—have brought this issue back to the front burner. It’s perhaps the most shameless and indefensible practice in Arkansas state government. And while efforts have been made to shut down double-dipping, it just keeps coming back. “It’s the … [Read more...]