Arkansas Policy Leaders Debunk Medicaid Myths

Medicaid Myth Busted (Dark)

Over the weekend, two op-eds from Arkansas policy leaders appeared in one of Utah’s largest newspapers. The topic: Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. The first piece was drafted by Rep. Joe Farrer and Senator Bryan King, two leading opponents of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in the Arkansas legislature. The piece was penned in response to the false statements made by Senator David Sanders, Arkansas-Obamacare spokesman, in his Utah op-ed late last month. (In that column, Sanders said that, … [Read more...]

Legislators Speak Out For Scott Flippo For Senate


Twelve incumbent state legislators, including five incumbent senators and one senator-elect, have announced their support for Scott Flippo’s candidacy in Senate District 17. Several of these legislators appeared at a press conference today in Mountain Home to rally support for Flippo in the upcoming runoff on June 10th. The complete list of Flippo endorsements is as follows: Senator Cecile Bledsoe Senator Alan Clark Senator John Cooper Senator Bryan King Senator … [Read more...]

Three Cheers — For More Government Dependency?

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Earlier this week, the state’s Department of Human Services released the latest enrollment numbers in the Medicaid “private” option expansion. So far, enrollments are way above forecasts: according to DHS, PO enrollment has now reached 155,567. Many supporters of the “private” option no doubt see this surge in enrollment as a good thing. After all, “It’s not costing Arkansas a dime!” For example, I was stunned to see this headline from THV yesterday: “Statewide enrollment numbers shows … [Read more...]

Don’t Worry, All Is Well With The ‘Private’ Option! (Podcast)

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This week on The Arkansas Project Podcast: "Private" option costs have gone up, again Senator Bryan King speaks out about lack of competition in the PO Milton Friedman: Four different ways to spend money Damon Wallace has a fake degree Our report on AR primary candidates … [Read more...]

No Competition, Cost Overruns — Where Do We Go From Here On The ‘Private’ Option?

Capitalism for dummies

You’ll probably find this hard to believe, but things aren’t going to so well with the Obamacare “private” option: just last week, my colleague Dan Greenberg wrote about the lack of competition in the program. Forbes had a national piece last week about the cost overruns of the program -- so far, after just a few short months, it’s currently 11% over original projections. In response to these developments, many lawmakers have been proactive in trying to figure out what’s driving the cost … [Read more...]

Taxpayers Spent $166K+ To Defend Bill Walker

bill walker

When I first joined The Arkansas Project (back in the good old days when Arkansas Republicans opposed Obamacare implementation and were storming the capitol to cut taxes and limit government), one of the first big stories I chronicled was an employment scandal. Bill Walker, head of the state’s Department of Career Education, had hired an unqualified interpreter, Clara Taylor. Ms. Taylor’s hiring led to an extensive investigation by the Office of Personnel Management, thanks to the hard work of … [Read more...]

House Judiciary Committee Passes “Church Carry” Bill

This morning, the House Judiciary Committee passed "The Church Protection Act." The bill now heads to the House floor. If it is successful there, it will head to the Governor's desk for his John Hancock. I attended the committee meeting this morning and snagged some video(s). The voice vote is near the very end of the second clip below. 4:31 p.m. - I apologize for the audio problems in these videos. It seems to be a technical issue with Ustream. Hopefully it will be resolved … [Read more...]