Live-Stream From The Senate


At 11:00, the state senate will convene. They are expected to take up the Hendren-Ballinger plan. Watch the proceedings live here: Live streaming video by Ustream … [Read more...]

Where In The World Is Steve Rockwell?


According to news reports -- and a few campaign signs along northeast Arkansas highways -- Steve Rockwell is the Democratic nominee for the special Senate election in District 21. However, without these two media, northeast Arkansas voters might not ever know that Rockwell was a candidate for public office. As far as I can tell, Rockwell advanced through his primary and runoff while never providing a full-fledged interview. In fact, Rockwell didn’t even show up to the Senate debate that was … [Read more...]

Term Limits Camouflage


The debate over extending legislative term limits in Arkansas is only just beginning. Unfortunately, that debate has been diluted: in this year’s legislative session, the legislature opted to couple term limits extension measure with ethics reform. The amendment’s ballot title says nothing about extending term limits. Instead, it mostly discusses ethics reforms and then, in the last line, says it is intended to “establish” term limits. This, to say the least, has concerned many conservatives … [Read more...]

Breaking Down The 2013 Freedom Scorecard (Podcast)

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This week on the podcast, Dan gives us a quick Obamacare update and then we launch into a full rundown of the 2013 Arkansas Freedom Scorecard. Here are some articles we discuss: White House in Obamacare panic HHS encourages insurers to fix Obamacare problems 2013 Friends of Freedom in the AR legislature … [Read more...]

The ‘Law Of The Land,’ Bubba’s Back, & Sullivan For Senate? (Podcast)

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This week on the podcast: Dan & I discuss GOP senate candidate Dan Sullivan's interview with The Paul Harrell Program. What does Sullivan think of the 'private option?' Will he vote to defund it? Also, President Bill Clinton was in Little Rock pitching Obamacare this week. Hear some snippets from the speech as well as our analysis. Finally, House Democrats have a new ethics plan. What is it? We have no idea. Here's a roundup of links from this week's show: Dan Sullivan talks with Paul … [Read more...]

The Race To Replace Bookout

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Now that State Senator Paul Bookout (D-Jonesboro) has resigned his seat, Governor Beebe will have to call a special election to fill the spot. What candidates might run on the Republican side? The Jonesboro Sun has reported that Lake City Mayor Jon Milligan might enter the race, but Milligan told the Sun he was “not considering it at this time.” In addition, former State Rep. Jon Hubbard has made it known that he was taking a look at the seat, but he told the Sun he is “probably not going to … [Read more...]

Senator Bookout Resigns From State Senate

Paul Bookout

Embattled State Senator Paul Bookout of Jonesboro has resigned from the legislature. Senate President Pro Tem Michael Lamoureux says he has received a letter of resignation from Bookout, effective immediately. The Arkansas Project first reported in July that Bookout was under investigation by the Arkansas Ethics Commission for suspicious campaign spending. On Friday, the Commission found Bookout in violation and fined him $8,000. This vacancy in office creates a necessity for the governor … [Read more...]

Senator Bookout Nailed With Four Violations Of State Law

bookout money bags 2

State Senator Paul Bookout (D-Jonesboro) has been fined $8,000 by the Arkansas Ethics Commission for four violations of state law. The Commission met this morning in Little Rock after several weeks of investigation into Bookout’s campaign spending. According to Bob Hester, the Jonesboro resident who filed the complaint and who attended the hearing today, Bookout will be fined $2,000 per violation of state law for a total of $8,000. The Commission’s probe into Bookout’s campaign spending … [Read more...]