Advancing Arkansas: Rep. Lea Focused on Teamwork, New Tax Holiday

Part Two of our Advancing Arkansas series is an interview with Rep. Andrea Lea (R-Russellville). Rep. Lea, who is entering her final term as a state representative having already served four years in the House, said her goals for this term/upcoming legislative session are simple: help incoming freshmen legislators “learn the ropes” and be a team player. “Teamwork is a priority for me. It is just as important to make educated votes as it is to introduce/pass bills. It takes all of us to be a … [Read more...]

Should Arkansas Lower Income Tax Rates? Let’s Go With ‘Yes’

Tax foundation state income tax map

Our friend Roby Brock over at Talk Business bursts out of the post-holiday gate today with a good report on a leading state lawmaker's proposals to reform the Arkansas tax code. Rep. Davy Carter, a Republican who heads up the House Revenue and Tax Committee, tells Talk Business he wants to explore ways to reduce the income tax burden on Arkansas taxpayers by reducing or eliminating any of the various sales tax exemptions and exclusions on the books. This is a good idea! Carter notes, … [Read more...]

Attack of the Grinch: Greenberg on Sales Tax Holiday

Milton Friedman tax cut quote

This weekend, Arkansas shoppers get some tax relief: thanks to Act 757, passed earlier this year (link opens as PDF file) certain purchases of clothing and school supplies will be free from taxation on Saturday and Sunday. Whenever we lift the burden of taxation from our citizens, that's something to be celebrated. But if you look at the alternatives, a temporary sales tax holiday leaves a lot to be desired as tax policy. I generally agree with the quote from Milton Friedman, free-market … [Read more...]