Medicaid Expansion Carries Hefty Price Tag for Arkansas Taxpayers


There’s been a lot of talk about the wonders of Medicaid expansion from the Arkansas media and from Republican and Democratic policymakers, but there’s been very little attention paid to the real cost. I have previously written that the expansion could cost Arkansans up to an additional $148 million per year. Now, the Heritage Foundation has released a study that shows a more complete picture: As you can see, expansion will cost Arkansas taxpayers a net $665 million through 2022 and will … [Read more...]

Latest ‘Church Carry’ Proposal Raises Constitutional Concerns


As readers of this blog know, the Arkansas legislature passed a “church carry” bill a couple of weeks ago that the governor has now signed into law. The bill allows churches the option to let licensed, trained members carry in church but leaves church carry illegal by default. Now two legislators are proposing their own version of “church carry.” Unfortunately, their bill is aimed at limiting gun and religious freedom, not expanding it. The bill is HB1284. It is sponsored by Rep. Reginald … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Greenberg Testifies Against Prevailing Wage Law


Dan Greenberg, in his post earlier this morning, wrote about his experience before the House Public Health, Welfare, and Labor Committee yesterday. I went and grabbed some video off of the House website of Mr. Greenberg's exchange with state lawmakers. His comments start just a little ways into the clip below -- because, in true governmental fashion, the House website's video editing features are inefficient. Things got a little tense at times. Grab your popcorn: … [Read more...]

Some Will Rob You With A Six-Gun, Some With A Fountain Pen


Yesterday, I attended a meeting of the House Public Health, Welfare, and Labor Committee to speak in favor of Representative Dan Douglas’s bill to eliminate Arkansas’s prevailing wage law. Current law makes the price of construction projects artificially high, and burdens taxpayers, government budgeters, and consumers by forcing prices upwards. The theory of a prevailing wage law is that laborers working on public projects shouldn't be paid competitive wages; rather, we should have government … [Read more...]