Which Candidate For U.S. Senate Wants To Kill The Death Tax The Most?

Death Tax (RIPOff)

Of all the taxes that government imposes, perhaps none is more offensive than the federal Estate Tax, commonly referred to as the “Death Tax.” This tax targets the money or property that the federal government thinks it is entitled to, despite the fact that the accumulated capital has already been taxed multiple times by multiple levels of government. Because grieving over lost loved ones is apparently not quite enough pain, the government comes in and seizes another chunk of your property. And, … [Read more...]

What Is School Choice?


The following is a guest article from Stefani Buhajla: What is school choice? I thought I knew the answer to that question until recently when I had the privilege of attending a two-day conference on this topic, hosted by The Franklin Center in Milwaukee. My only previous experience with school choice was when my daughter was in 3rd grade. She was attending our local public elementary school which happened to be on the “at risk of failing” list. (If by “at risk” you mean teaching kids you can … [Read more...]

Do We Need Obamacare To Cover “Pre-Existing Conditions?”


Contrary to what some folks in Washington would have you believe, there is a way to help people with pre-existing conditions obtain health insurance without using Obamacare to do it. Our friends over at The Heritage Foundation, for example, suggest one approach that I found particularly interesting: establishing high-risk insurance pools in the states. Interestingly, as Heritage points out, 35 states already have these high-risk pools. They are specifically designed to cover folks with … [Read more...]

Voter ID Machines Installed In All 75 Arkansas Counties

Face YOUR Vote-FINAL box

Secretary of State Mark Martin recently announced that the implementation of the state’s photo-ID system  is complete. The Secretary of State’s office provided Voter ID systems to each of Arkansas’s 75 counties, allowing each county clerk’s office to produce photo identification cards at no charge for voters who don't have them. “This project has put counties in compliance with the requirements of Act 595 of 2013. It also provides additional integrity to our electoral system,” Martin said. Act … [Read more...]

Heritage Has A Plan That Could Actually Fix Healthcare


Supporters of Obamacare love to instruct us all that we can’t repeal this disastrous law because people will be left without health insurance, people with cancer won’t be able to get treatment, etc. Unfortunately, it appears increasingly likely that Obamacare will actually exacerbate many of the problems it has sought to relieve (such as uncompensated care costs and lack of access to doctors). Supporters of the law also love to explain that those who call for Obamacare’s repeal are pursuing a … [Read more...]

Matt Campbell Knows Better

Earlier this week, I spoke on tort reform to the State Agencies committee of the Arkansas General Assembly; yesterday, I noticed an Internet polemic from Matt Campbell on the same subject. His piece is filled with misfires, but I want to focus on one in particular: Campbell argues that anything other than complete obeisance to all jury verdicts is “nothing more than a direct assault” on the state Constitution and the Seventh Amendment. Here, Campbell is flatly wrong. Campbell’s argument, … [Read more...]

Arkansas Democrats Float Ethics Ideas For Everyone Else

Capitol ethics

Arkansas Democrats love ethics. In fact, they love ethics so much, three of their state elected officials have been forced to resign from office in the last year -- one for a felony, another for a felony, and another, well, for the felony act of voter fraud (and he supports ethics reform, too!). All of these scandals have forced Democrats to go on the offensive regarding ethics reform and transparency, announcing a new ethics caucus last month. (You can read about some of their efforts … [Read more...]

Other States See Horrific Results From Electronic Monitoring Of Parolees


The Department of Community Corrections’ latest proposed solution to the Arkansas parole crisis involves the use of electronic bracelets for tracking parolees. The department has entered into a contract with 3M Electronic Monitoring for tracking services and bracelets. However, a little research reveals that these bracelets have had absolutely horrific consequences in other states. Bilenda Harris-Ritter is a local Arkansas attorney and a former member of the California parole board. She warns … [Read more...]