Sorry, No Podcast This Week

Try not to cry.

I know, I know. This is truly awful news. But we spread ourselves a little too thin this week and just ran out of hours to put together a good show. And besides, it's not like anything interesting happened this week. Like on Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday. Maybe something interesting will happen next week and we'll have something to talk about. If for some strange reason you just can't wait until next Friday to hear my voice, feel free to visit our podcast archives … [Read more...]

LIVE Jonesboro Special Senate Election Coverage

arkansas election results

Greetings Arkansas Project readers! I'm in Jonesboro following the special Senate election results that will be trickling in this evening. For live updates, you can follow along on my Twitter feed (@nhhorton) and on our Facebook Page. Also, if you're free from 4:00-6:00 p.m., I'll be co-hosting The Paul Harrell Program. You can listen in live via Ustream: Live streaming video by Ustream … [Read more...]

Listen To The Paul Harrell Program Here

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Happy to be joining The Paul Harrell Program from 4:00 to 5:2o today. You can listen live here: Live streaming video by Ustream … [Read more...]

The Paul Harrell Program + The Arkansas Project = Epic Radio Today


Today, I'll be live, in studio for a full two hours of The Paul Harrell Program from 4:00-6:00 p.m. I know you can hardly wait. Topics could range from the Jonesboro special Senate election, Obamacare, Syria, and who knows what else. If you'd like to tune in, try 101.3 FM in northeast Arkansas. Or, if Ustream accidentally works, you can tune in by clicking on the video box below. Cheers! Live streaming video by Ustream … [Read more...]

Talkin’ About Stuff With Paul Harrell


My weekly segment with Paul Harrell was an all-around swell time this past Thursday. We discussed developments surrounding the "church carry" bill and Senator Rapert's heartbeat bill. My segment begins at the 1:05:00 mark. Enjoy: Video streaming by Ustream … [Read more...]