The Continuing Tale of My Undiluted Hostility Toward the Amazon Sales Tax!

Some months ago I wrote a few posts focusing on efforts to require collection of sales tax on online sales (for the sake of convenience, we call it the "Amazon sales tax," though obviously it affects all online retailers). Oh, boy! At the time, I was unaware I was sentencing myself to a bleak future of having to write about this issue again and again. And again. And again. And again. It's worth checking in on it regularly, though, being the tangled web that it is. As you well know, Arkansas … [Read more...]

Should Arkansas Lower Income Tax Rates? Let’s Go With ‘Yes’

Tax foundation state income tax map

Our friend Roby Brock over at Talk Business bursts out of the post-holiday gate today with a good report on a leading state lawmaker's proposals to reform the Arkansas tax code. Rep. Davy Carter, a Republican who heads up the House Revenue and Tax Committee, tells Talk Business he wants to explore ways to reduce the income tax burden on Arkansas taxpayers by reducing or eliminating any of the various sales tax exemptions and exclusions on the books. This is a good idea! Carter notes, … [Read more...]

The Arkansas Amazon Sales Tax is Now Live. How’s That Going So Far?

Screen Shot 2011-10-28 at 10.35.25 AM

Guess what happened yesterday (October 27, 2011) while you were not paying attention? Arkansas Act 1001—better known around these parts as the "Amazon Sales Tax"—went into effect. I guess this means that now the state will be swimming in new revenues, ensuring a higher level of services and a brighter outlook stretching unto the horizon. Farewell, bygone era of fiscal uncertainties! We just hit the Internet Jackpot! Huzzah! Huzzah! Say, I've been meaning to buy a couple of books on … [Read more...]

Amazon, California Cut Deal on Online Sales Tax

It's been a couple of weeks since I've annoyed readers with a post on the Amazon sales tax targeting web retailers, so, hey, here's a new wrinkle: In California, has reached a deal with legislators to delay collections of the online sales tax for a year. In exchange, the online retailing behemoth will back off their effort to overturn the new law via referendum (an effort in which Amazon's already spent some $5 million). In the Los Angeles Times, a Golden State lawmaker describes … [Read more...]

Arkansas Amazon Sales Tax: Legislative Study to Look at Job Loss

Beebe jobs record

Word comes from Rep. David Meeks (R) of Conway, via Twitter, that his proposal for an interim study of the Amazon sales tax law (link opens as PDF) targeting online retailers will move forward. Meeks requested the study in July to determine the potential fiscal impact of the new law and what effect it would have on jobs. (Side note: California passed a similar nexus law this summer. Early reviews are decidedly negative.) Meeks told me last month that, while he had voted against the bill when … [Read more...]