The Arkansas Amazon Sales Tax is Now Live. How’s That Going So Far?

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Guess what happened yesterday (October 27, 2011) while you were not paying attention? Arkansas Act 1001—better known around these parts as the "Amazon Sales Tax"—went into effect. I guess this means that now the state will be swimming in new revenues, ensuring a higher level of services and a brighter outlook stretching unto the horizon. Farewell, bygone era of fiscal uncertainties! We just hit the Internet Jackpot! Huzzah! Huzzah! Say, I've been meaning to buy a couple of books on … [Read more...]

Meeks: Need Facts on Amazon Sales Tax Impact in Arkansas (Updated!)

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Things are heating up on the online sales tax issue in California, where is leading the charge on a voter referendum that would exempt online retailers without a physical presence in the state from collecting sales tax. We’ve tracked the effects of a similar online sales tax bill that was enacted here in Arkansas. In response to the Arkansas law, countless online merchants have ended their affiliate contracts in the state—meaning they won’t be collecting sales tax in Arkansas, and … [Read more...]

Arkansas Amazon Sales Tax: Radio Interview with Judi Moore

Jonesboro radio man Paul Harrell sends audio of an interview he conducted with Conway-based affiliate marketer Judi Moore, whom we talked to last week, discussing how Arkansas' new Amazon sales tax law will crush her online business. This interview gives a more detailed picture of how the new law is sucking piles of money out of the Arkansas economy, while generating little, if any, new tax revenues for the state: Worth pointing out about this interview is how the discussion cuts across … [Read more...]

More on Amazon Sales Tax: It’s Not Just Amazon! (Updated!)

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I'm mildly obsessed with the Amazon sales tax law I wrote about earlier in the week, which targets affiliate marketing relationships in a misguided effort to rain down money on state government. I hope you like reading about that issue. Because if not, hoo boy, are you in for a rough ride. I want to emphasize that while is the biggest target, because they're the major player in online sales and affiliate marketing, the impact stretches much, much further. While Amazon and … [Read more...]