Pryor, Beebe: It’s Cash-Out Time!

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It’s amazing how a person’s views on lobbying can change over the years. From the Washington Examiner: Here's an oldie from October 2005: "Senator Mark Pryor, along with Senator Byron Dorgan, will lead the Senate Democrats' 'Responsible Governance' effort, which will close the revolving door that puts special interests before the people's interests." Compare to this … [Read more...]

New Elected Officials Make Staff Changes! News at 10!

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Our friends over at the Arkansas Times are shocked -- shocked! -- that newly sworn-in Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is making staff changes as she begins her tenure. To state the obvious: staff changes are a common occurrence; they almost inevitably follow elected official changes, especially when there’s a party switch. The series of hyperventilating posts by Max … [Read more...]

Arkansas Still Not Ranked 5th in Education, Gov. Beebe!

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Outgoing Gov. Mike Beebe recently has been on a kind of tour in which he discusses what he thinks his legacy will be. In so doing, he’s returned to making a dubious claim about Arkansas’s improving education ranking in the nation: "I'm happy we've climbed the education rankings. Now we're 5th in the nation… The … [Read more...]

GAO’s “Cost Concerns” on PO, Part II

Med Exp (Red Flags)

We wrote last month about a recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report: it raised some red flags about the costs to taxpayers created by Obamacare's Medicaid expansion in Arkansas. Our pals at the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) also broke down the damning report last week at Forbes. From FGA: HHS actuaries were right to question Arkansas’ … [Read more...]

Cato Doesn’t Want To Have Beebe’s Babies

Beebe (Grade D for Increasing Taxes)

A big chunk of the political class in Arkansas was chattering about the fawning profile of Gov. Mike Beebe in the New York Times yesterday. The article contained this, err, interesting nugget: “How is he regarded? As one female political operative here put it, “He talks like molasses, and I want to have his babies.” Well, okay then. Unfortunately for Beebe, yesterday … [Read more...]