Sick Child Denied Treatment As State Spends Billions On Able-Bodied Adults

No Money for Sick Kids (New)

A new report released last week details how Medicaid expansion will harm the most needy Americans. Because of the perverse funding formula of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, expansion enrollees -- a population of mostly childless, mostly healthy adults -- receive more health care spending than traditional Medicaid enrollees. Author Jonathan Ingram explains: In the states that hope to get Medicaid spending under control, an ObamaCare Medicaid expansion puts truly vulnerable patients at even … [Read more...]

Who’s On The Obamacare Chopping Block? The Truly Needy

Medicaid (Cut 3.43 Save 1.00)

A new report from the Foundation of Government Accountability paints a dire fiscal picture for Arkansas taxpayers in the coming years. The report, authored by Jonathan Ingram, reveals that Medicaid spending nationwide has “more than doubled” since 2000. Under Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, Medicaid spending will continue to skyrocket and, at some point, states are going to be forced to deal with this fiscal storm. This will be a daunting task for states -- particularly Arkansas -- because of … [Read more...]

New Poll: It’s Over for Arkansas Obamacare

PO Support Drops (No People)

Yesterday, Impact Management released a new poll showing Congressman Tom Cotton leading Senator Mark Pryor 47-43% in the race for U.S. Senate. More impressively, Cotton is also winning independents 56-28%. But there’s another data set in the Impact poll that will be of great interest to Arkansas taxpayers. Pollsters asked respondents if they opposed or supported the legislature’s plan to expand Medicaid through Obamacare by using “private insurance.” 44% of respondents said they oppose the … [Read more...]

Report: $14.4 Billion In Fraudulent Medicaid Payments Last Year

Medicaid Fraud ($14.4 Billion)

A new report from the Government Accountability Office reveals that federal taxpayers financed $14.4 billion in “improper payments” last year -- and who knows how much state taxpayers pitched in: In fiscal year 2013, the Medicaid program covered about 71.7 million individuals at a cost of $431.1 billion, of which CMS estimated that $14.4 billion (5.8 percent) were improper payments. GAO says the program is so big and “diverse,” it’s tough to monitor fraud. Some of this fraud includes violation … [Read more...]

Taxpayers Pay Twice For Some Obamacare Enrollees

Congrats, taxpayers: you get to hold the bag!

News broke late last week that nearly 5,000 Arkansans would be kicked off of the Obamacare “private option” program. Now, as more details emerge, it looks like things are even worse than they first appeared. There are two big concerns, which are both hinted at in yesterday’s Democrat-Gazette story on this scandal. Here’s a snippet: Among those who received the notices was Cheryl Cohen, 58, who owns Village Nutrition, a health-food store in Hot Springs Village, with her husband, … [Read more...]

Have Conservative Reformers Blazed The Trail For The “Private” Option? No.

govt ahead, turn back

A couple of weeks ago, Senator David Sanders appeared on the highly-acclaimed Paul Harrell Program to discuss the Obamacare “private” option. Sanders did his best to spin away unpleasant facts about the PO. For example, he explained that he doesn’t believe the Medicaid expansion program is currently over budget by 10-15%. (Based on the available data, Sanders’s dismissal is “patently false.") But Sanders’s alarming comments about his Obamacare “private” option didn’t stop there. Throughout … [Read more...]

State Bureaucrats Travel To Promote Obamacare Expansion On Taxpayer-Funded Time

Allison, Selig, and Senator Dismang.

Last week, the Billings Gazette -- a Montana newspaper -- reported that some Arkansas officials had visited the Big Sky Country to discuss Arkansas’s Medicaid expansion. The story identified “the state’s Medicaid chief” and a Republican state senator as meeting with the state’s Democratic governor and “legislative leaders from both parties.” DHS spokesperson Amy Webb told me that the Arkansas-Obamacare delegation included soon-to-be-departing Medicaid director Andy Allison, DHS Director John … [Read more...]

Stuff Happening Around Arkansas


1. Arkansas’s Medicaid experiment continues to make national headlines, for all the wrong reasons. The Arkansas-Obamacare “private” option has now drawn the scorn of the Washington Times editorial board. Writing last week, the WashTimes pointed out that, as costs continue to climb, the program is shifting more costs to federal taxpayers -- calling Arkansas’s plan to grab more federal funding a “bailout:” Fans of Kathleen Sebelius, the lady who made Obamacare so wildly popular, say her … [Read more...]