Medicaid Expansion Medley (Podcast)

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This week on The Arkansas Project Podcast: House passes Obamacare "private" option funding Rep. Hammer explains his "private" option vote Rep. Farrer reports the PO is already over spending caps Sen. Rapert says Obama is terrified of PO Rep. Mayberry compares to PO to "jumping out of a burning building" Hillary loves the PO! Sen. Key moves funding from traditional Medicaid to PO fund … [Read more...]

Johnny Key’s Amendment: An Eloquent Admission Of The “Private” Option’s Future Costs


You probably heard that on Tuesday the House, on its fifth attempt, approved funding for the Obamacare “private” option for the next fiscal year. Some “private”-option advocates think of Arkansas’s Medicaid expansion as a “brilliant approach,” but I imagine our readers know I’m disappointed that it passed. The Arkansas Project and the Advance Arkansas Institute have repeatedly warned over the last year that this program will create unpredictable costs and make the state increasingly dependent … [Read more...]

FGA: State Taxpayers ‘On The Hook’ For Millions In ‘Private’ Option Cost Overruns


Our guest article yesterday from Rep. Joe Farrer revealed the unanticipated costs to Arkansas taxpayers of the Obamacare-Medicaid “private” option. In short, the program is already pricier than promised -- and, despite promises that it would cost state taxpayers “nothing” in the first three years, the impact looks like it’s about to blow a hole in the state budget. Jonathan Ingram of the Foundation for Government Accountability has released a new paper that outlines the budgetary problems … [Read more...]

Rep. Farrer: “Private” Option Costs Already Exceeding Federal Caps


The following is a guest article from State Representative Joe Farrer (R-Cabot): When we passed the Private Option Medicaid expansion last year, we did so under the explicit promise that the state taxpayer would bear no costs of the Medicaid expansion for at least the first three years. But what was promised during the legislative debate and what was negotiated between the Beebe and Obama administrations are very different. The Obama administration capped federal Private Option funding with … [Read more...]

Survey Says: 66% Of Arkansas Republicans Oppose “Private” Option


Our good friends over at Conduit For Action have released a new poll on the Obamacare “private” option. The poll was conducted last week, sampling 400 likely Republican primary voters, with a margin of error of 4.9%. According to their findings, 66% of Arkansas Republicans oppose the “Republican plan” for expanding Medicaid (a.k.a. the “private” option). Republicans who had an opinion on the "private" option opposed it by three to one. In addition, given five choices regarding the most … [Read more...]

“Private” Option Gridlock, Common Courtesy, & Special Session?

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The Arkansas Project Podcast is back! This week on the show, Dan and I discuss: The Obamacare "private" option gridlock Will PO gridlock end life as we know it? Obamacare proponents hate Obamacare! Is vote pairing a "common courtesy?" … [Read more...]

What Happens If The Session Ends Without A Medicaid Budget?


You’ve probably heard about the allegedly terrifying consequences of the legislature ending the fiscal session without a Medicaid budget -- which, to state the obvious, is looking more and more likely. I’ve written about the scare tactics coming from state bureaucrats, the unfounded fears of a “zombie apocalypse,” and the empty nature of Speaker Carter’s “government shutdown” threats. (These hysterical predictions remind me of this scene from Ghostbusters -- “The dead rising from the grave! … [Read more...]

Live-Stream From The Senate


At 11:00, the state senate will convene. They are expected to take up the Hendren-Ballinger plan. Watch the proceedings live here: Live streaming video by Ustream … [Read more...]