Pryor, Beebe: It’s Cash-Out Time!

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It’s amazing how a person’s views on lobbying can change over the years. From the Washington Examiner: Here's an oldie from October 2005: "Senator Mark Pryor, along with Senator Byron Dorgan, will lead the Senate Democrats' 'Responsible Governance' effort, which will close the revolving door that puts special interests before the people's interests." Compare to this announcement today from K Street firm Venable: "Venable LLP announced today that former U.S. Senator Mark L. Pryor … [Read more...]

Farm Bill Pays Arkansas Farm to Market Tomatoes

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It seems like it was just yesterday we were constantly told (by the now-defunct Pryor campaign) about how dangerous and subversive Tom Cotton was for voting against the farm bill. Crops will start to rot! You’ll be paying $8 a gallon for milk! At least that’s what the farm bill advocates said. With the farm bill’s passage earlier this year, many observers are taking a closer look at the program’s extraordinary wastefulness. Indeed, as Dustin Hurst at IdahoReporter mentioned in a post … [Read more...]

Demographics Putting The Nail in Dems’ Electoral Coffin


With another day comes another national news article showing just how much of an uphill climb the 2014 elections will be for Democrats statewide. From the New York Times: When Mr. Pryor first won his Senate seat, the five fast-growing Republican-leaning metropolitan counties held 19.9 percent of the state’s population. They now hold 25.6 percent of it. Democratic-leaning counties where Mr. Pryor received at least 60 percent of the vote now represent just 21.5 percent of the population, … [Read more...]

Pryor Campaign Evicted from UAMS

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We aren’t able to make it to Mark Pryor’s Ebola press conference today; from what we’ve read about it, we assume he’ll try to ride piggy-back on the presence and views of actual experts. Presumably, this is solely an appearance by Mark Pryor in his capacity as a public servant, not as a candidate; surely UAMS wouldn’t lend its imprimatur to some sort of headline-grabbing, campaign stunt, devoted to today’s hot issue, less than three weeks before an election. We hope Pryor will provide … [Read more...]

Pryor Brags About Job-Killing “Toy Safety” Bill (Plus: More McLean Monitoring)


Mark Pryor listed his work on “toy safety” in Monday’s debate as one of his biggest accomplishments during his tenure in the Senate. Of course, readers of The Arkansas Project already knew that Pryor’s “toy safety” legislation was just another example of big-government regulation in search of an imaginary problem. Overlawyered, a national legal blog that also covered the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, wrote about our work earlier this week. From Overlawyered: Readers who … [Read more...]

Last Week’s Desperate Political Attacks: A Brief Review


Now that election season has arrived, the scent of desperation in the latest attacks on Republican candidates is becoming increasingly apparent. If you want to see this desperation catalogued, you can take a look at Max Brantley’s regular contributions to the Arkansas Times’ blog, which have recently functioned as a kind of flea market for bottom-tier campaign attacks. In the past few days, I knew that Brantley’s peculiar aggregation of attacks reminded me of something, but I couldn’t figure out … [Read more...]

Pryor Ebola Ad: “Mostly False”

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You’ve probably seen Mark Pryor’s new ad accusing Tom Cotton of being pro-ebola. However, the response to this ad has been about as favorable as the response to this ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Even MSNBC called the ad “terrible,” saying that it looked like something from “Saturday Night Live.” Now, Politifact has weighed in, calling the ad “mostly false.” From Politifact: Did Cotton try to stop this legislation? At first, it seems that way. The House passed the legislation Jan. 22, … [Read more...]

Guess Who’s the Big Spender?


When it comes to supporting reductions in federal spending, Arkansas’s congressional delegation looks pretty good. Almost every member of Congress from the state backs bills that, when lumped together, would reduce taxpayers’ burden. In fact, just about every member of Congress from Arkansas supports legislation that would cut federal spending. All except one, that is. Any guesses who? If you said Senator Mark Pryor, you’re on the money. So to speak. According to data compiled by the … [Read more...]