Senator Chesterfield: “I Do Not Have a Constitutional Right To Buy Alcohol”

WR on voting

Last week, the Arkansas Senate passed a voter ID bill for the first time in history (it was considered before the House State Agencies Committee yesterday but has been tabled until a fiscal impact study can be done). During the Senate debate, Senator Linda Chesterfield (D-Little Rock) took to the well to express her displeasure with the proposal. She said two things that were of particular interest. First of all, Chesterfield said that “voter ID is a poll tax.” This is no real surprise -- … [Read more...]

Senate Passes Church Protection Act, Bill Heads to the House

Senator Bryan King, friend of the 2nd Amendment

By a vote of 28-4, the Arkansas Senate has passed SB71, “The Church Protection Act.” Senator Bryan King, who is the lead sponsor of the bill, tells The Arkansas Project: “Today, the Senate passed a important piece of legislation for citizen protection. We should allow churches the right to decide how best to handle their own security rather than force them to be defenseless.” In opposition to the bill, Senator Linda Chesterfield spoke from the floor saying, “My Lord's house is a house of … [Read more...]

Lawmakers Deaf to Community Needs at Interpreter Hearing


By now you may have seen the video I posted from yesterday’s Personnel committee meeting. It contained stunning revelations about the state’s hiring of Clara Taylor, an unqualified sign language interpreter. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture some of the most disturbing parts of the meeting--the reactions of some of the legislators. When I first arrived, just before 1:20 p.m., the area where the legislators sit was about half full.  By 2:00, the meeting was still in order, and only a … [Read more...]