Arkansas Policy Leaders Debunk Medicaid Myths

Medicaid Myth Busted (Dark)

Over the weekend, two op-eds from Arkansas policy leaders appeared in one of Utah’s largest newspapers. The topic: Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. The first piece was drafted by Rep. Joe Farrer and Senator Bryan King, two leading opponents of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in the Arkansas legislature. The piece was penned in response to the false statements made by Senator David Sanders, Arkansas-Obamacare spokesman, in his Utah op-ed late last month. (In that column, Sanders said that, … [Read more...]

Legislators Speak Out For Scott Flippo For Senate


Twelve incumbent state legislators, including five incumbent senators and one senator-elect, have announced their support for Scott Flippo’s candidacy in Senate District 17. Several of these legislators appeared at a press conference today in Mountain Home to rally support for Flippo in the upcoming runoff on June 10th. The complete list of Flippo endorsements is as follows: Senator Cecile Bledsoe Senator Alan Clark Senator John Cooper Senator Bryan King Senator … [Read more...]

Primary Takeaways (Podcast)

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This week on the show: Breaking down this week's primary results Flashback: Sen. Holland made PO central component of his campaign What's ahead for the PO in 2015? Pro-PO legislators say they oppose the PO … [Read more...]

State Bureaucrats Travel To Promote Obamacare Expansion On Taxpayer-Funded Time

Allison, Selig, and Senator Dismang.

Last week, the Billings Gazette -- a Montana newspaper -- reported that some Arkansas officials had visited the Big Sky Country to discuss Arkansas’s Medicaid expansion. The story identified “the state’s Medicaid chief” and a Republican state senator as meeting with the state’s Democratic governor and “legislative leaders from both parties.” DHS spokesperson Amy Webb told me that the Arkansas-Obamacare delegation included soon-to-be-departing Medicaid director Andy Allison, DHS Director John … [Read more...]

MIA: Senator King’s “Patently False” Statement

Senator David Sanders.

Senator Bryan King has been an outspoken opponent of the Obamacare “private” option in the legislature. But while Arkansas’s state lawmaking body is out of session, King is taking his message to other states, warning them about the enormous costs and inflexibility of the program. Last week, King penned a letter to Utah lawmakers, urging them to resist the the lure of the Medicaid carrot that’s being waved by the Obama administration. You can read the full letter here, but here’s one of the … [Read more...]

Five Things We Learned About The Obamacare “Private” Option Last Week


Last Thursday afternoon, I attended the Joint Public Health Committee meeting. At that meeting, lawmakers had the opportunity to question Medicaid Director Andy Allison, DHS Director John Selig, and Optumas founder Steve Schramm. Optumas is the consulting firm that released the original cost estimates for the state’s Obamacare experiment, known as the “private” option. Based on their initial projections in March of 2013, the majority of lawmakers determined that expanding Medicaid coverage … [Read more...]

Live-Stream: Joint Public Health Committee, Medicaid Expansion Update


Live streaming video by Ustream … [Read more...]

No Competition, Cost Overruns — Where Do We Go From Here On The ‘Private’ Option?

Capitalism for dummies

You’ll probably find this hard to believe, but things aren’t going to so well with the Obamacare “private” option: just last week, my colleague Dan Greenberg wrote about the lack of competition in the program. Forbes had a national piece last week about the cost overruns of the program -- so far, after just a few short months, it’s currently 11% over original projections. In response to these developments, many lawmakers have been proactive in trying to figure out what’s driving the cost … [Read more...]