Jeb Bush Speaks to Arkansas Media

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was in town today to kickoff the A+ Arkansas education rally. Afterwards, he spoke with reporters. Below is a little video I snagged of the Q&A. He had some very interesting things to say, including some comments about the 2014 gubernatorial race (sorry for the poor audio quality -- if you makes you feel any better, I was standing right there and could barely hear): … [Read more...]

Let’s Make Arkansas #1 in Education!

BB edukashion

I know we’re already “5th in education” in Arkansas, so we should probably just declare victory and move on to other more meaningful tasks, like entrapping 35% of Arkansans in the Medicaid program. But, just in case that ranking is wrong and, I dunno, we’re actually 34th in achievement, maybe we should talk about some ideas for improving Arkansas’ edukashion sistem? Ya know, jest in kase. Good news: the folks at the Arkansas Reform Alliance are on it! In fact, they’re hosting an education … [Read more...]