Medicaid Expansion Medley (Podcast)

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This week on The Arkansas Project Podcast: House passes Obamacare "private" option funding Rep. Hammer explains his "private" option vote Rep. Farrer reports the PO is already over spending caps Sen. Rapert says Obama is terrified of PO Rep. Mayberry compares to PO to "jumping out of a burning building" Hillary loves the PO! Sen. Key moves funding from traditional Medicaid to PO fund … [Read more...]

Everybody Hopes This Is The Last Time I Write About Jason Rapert For A While


Senator Jason Rapert’s newest defense of the private option is remarkable: I voted for the Private Option which moves people from the traditional government provided free Medicaid system to the utilization of private insurance because it bridges people to the concept of having individual consumer choice which helps move them from a government handout to being responsible for their own medical decisions. The Private Option, paired with the creation of the Medicaid Inspector General office to … [Read more...]

Senator Rapert’s Christmas Message


Well, I suppose it’s an exaggeration to call it a Christmas message – but I wanted to make a few points in response to the tart series of tweets that Senator Jason Rapert directed at me on Christmas Day: First, when Rapert suggests that my Tuesday post will “need corrections,” it seems only fair for him to explain what the needed corrections are. But that explanation is absent – and it isn’t clear to me that his suggestion that “corrections” are needed is anything more than bluster. In … [Read more...]

The ‘Private Option’ Debate Gets Weirder

7-20-2012 Candidate Filing

George Orwell once said that, in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. At a Legislative Council hearing last week, Senator Jason Rapert said something revolutionary: he noted that the premises under which the state legislature approved the Arkansas version of Medicaid expansion – the “private option” – have completely changed. Rapert said: We had a whole different set of rules and expectations as it related to the rollout [of Obamacare and the private … [Read more...]

Wow, Senator Rapert, That Was A Quick Three Weeks!

Before last year's election, Senator Rapert said expanding Medicaid would turn Arkansas into a "candy land" of entitlements.

Less than a week ago, Senator Jason Rapert announced at AAI’s Conway town hall that he wanted the legislature to delay passage of the “private option” Medicaid expansion. Less than 72 hours ago, Rapert reiterated his call for delay, specifying this time that the legislature needed to take three weeks off to go visit with constituents about the plan. Late last night, however, just 48 hours after re-issuing the call for delay across state media, Rapert announced his intentions to support the … [Read more...]

Senator Rapert Calls Again for “Private Option” Delay

medicaid expansion

Yesterday I reported that state Senator Jason Rapert announced (while attending AAI’s Monday town hall meeting in Conway) that he wanted the legislature to delay passage of the “private option” Medicaid expansion. Now the AP has picked up on the story. According to a new report, Rapert reiterated his calls for delay this morning at the Capitol, saying lawmakers should take three weeks off to go talk to their constituents and then reconvene. Talk to your constituents? What a great … [Read more...]

How Nonprofits Work

Ed Haislmaier speaking to a packed house at AAI's Conway forum last night.

It was a pleasure to bring Christie Herrera and Ed Haislmaier to Arkansas in order to speak on what several lawmakers have called the “private option” – namely, an Arkansas spin on Medicaid expansion. But I was disappointed to see Senator Jason Rapert’s tweet yesterday, in which he explained that one of our speakers said “he has not read the AR private option bill while speaking against it today.” Rapert got that wrong, and it may be useful to explain why. Both of our speakers had read the … [Read more...]

Jerry Cox Weighs In On Pro-Life Developments!

jerry cox

Two bills of significant impact took steps forward in the legislative process at the state capitol today: one is Rep. Andy Mayberry's "fetal pain bill" which cleared the House Public Health Committee today. The other is Senator Jason Rapert's "heartbeat bill" which passed the full Senate today by a vote of 28-6. What do these bills actually say? Will they become law? What will their impact be on public policy in Arkansas if they do become law? These are the types of questions I asked Mr. … [Read more...]